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Project Carmen 3.0

A graphics mod by GTAce

  1. GTAce
    - Project Carmen, a graphics mod by GTAce -

    Version 3.0

    What is "Project CARMEN"?

    Project CARMEN is a graphics mod, containing several different files,
    which change the look of the game.

    What exactly is included in the mod?

    New post processing filters, a SweetFX setting and .ini files,
    altering colour, contrast, brightness, sharpness and much more.

    The filters:

    Ben Lee's amazing cloud textures, which he allowed me to use.

    Tweaked smoke/particle effects on and off-track.

    Custom weather presets with their own colour curve edits.


    Is there a performance hit?

    Slightly, yes, although I made the smoke effects so, that they're not affecting the performance too much.
    I couldn't test with different hardware configurations, so results may vary.

    Do I have to use the SweetFX setting and PP filter?

    Yes, otherwise the look will be much different.

    How do I install the mod?

    Please read the ReadMe file.

    What if I like other filters and tweaks more?

    Uninstalling instructions are included in the ReadMe file.

    UPDATED July 7th, 2016:
    Completely reworked PP filters.

    Please uninstall the old version as described in the ReadMe.
    Below are pictures of the current version:

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Recent Reviews

  1. xXAiykoXx
    Version: 3.0
    hey! you'll have to put the 64bit .dll file for 64bit users in the package too! otherwise it won't work ;)
    1. GTAce
      Author's Response
      I am a 64bit user and the uploaded package works as intended. ;)
    Version: 2.0
    Some really great filters here but finding the bright version a bit too blinding. The sky becomes white as if a meteor is going to hit. But the rest are fantastic
  3. Skyclown
    Version: 2.0
    I used this before the 1.1 patch to fix the many issues that AC had visually, got quite decent results but it was essentially polishing a turd. With patch 1.1 Kunos really did a very good job of improving the visuals and optimising the rendering. Project CARMEN version 2.0 takes it to the next level. 7 additional weather presets each one custom tweaked by GTAce, custom PP filters and Sweetfx preset. I've been very impressed and happy with the results. Someone over on reddit asked for some shots in-cockpit using the custom filters so I'll just post the album here too http://imgur.com/a/RU7JD#0
    If you don't at least try this... well it's your loss.

    Big thanks to GTAce for working hard on this.
    1. GTAce
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind words!
  4. Jempy
    Version: 1.0
    This is what I was looking for ...for a long time, a view looking more real without too much bloom, enough clear and contrasted with just the necessary sharpness.

    Why I kept a star away ? ;)

    I must say I especially love the Overcast side of these graphics.
    Just everything in place as it should be.

    I just have a reserve ( the 5th star ) for the Sunny one.
    Not a criticism at all, just a remark to help you reach the best of it, GTAce.
    I'm not able to achieve what you do so well.
    This reserve is:
    Facing the sun, the blue sky gets a kind of white hole making it rather unreal. You surely wished to make the sun blinding the eyes with it ... but I really think it might be a bit less harsh, maybe a little bit more ... yellowish ( just this kind of hole of course, not the rest ).

    But ... perfect work, really amazing and not far from perfect in my own eyes.

    As always, it's only a question of taste for everyone.
    In this case, this is my taste !

    Many thanks for this special well done mod.

    NB: When I like, I speak too much ( write in this case ! :) ) and maybe looking too much at little details.
    Sorry for that, Ace mate.
  5. egero123
    Version: 1.0
    WoW, amazing. this is my 1st time using sweetfx. Your pack brings Assetto Corsa real close to reality. the glare was a bit over-whelming but i turned it off, now it looks perfect. thank you for an amazing visual update, hope the guys over at Kunos take notes :)
  6. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Version: 1.0
    Well...there will be no living on earth anymore as I can't distinguish it from this mod! Extremely fine work, ads as much to the game as any skin, car, or track as all of them look better with this mod enabled.
    1. GTAce
      Author's Response
      Much appreciated!!!
  7. Tim Lundy
    Tim Lundy
    Version: 1.0
    Makes the game look as good as I expected it to when I got this whiz bang pc a month ago, but wasn't able to achieve on my own. Daylight looks like daylight, the picture is crisp and sharp everywhere, clouds look great, smoke and off track effects improved. This should be a part of the AC release package!!
    1. GTAce
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words!