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Porsche T-Mobile F1 Team 1.2

Porsche in f1 (Replace Manor)

  1. Fanofvale
    Go to your ERP Archiver and click on "Archive" > "Import Texture", and select your "marussia_paint.tga.dds". (and other files) Once you have done that, you are nearly ready to play. The last step is to save the marussia.erp. Just click on "File" > "Save".

    - helmets (thanks to Dimitar Vitanov and kohayashi)!
    - garage crew outfit
    - umbrella
    - racing suits
    - hospitality (cushion, sofa, wall, truck)
    - pitcrew
    - name on pitbox
    - walls in box
    - pitboard
    P.PNG make.PNG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sportor
    Version: 1.1
    Very good!