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Porsche 911 GT3 R #911 Manthey Racing 'Grello' Bathurst 12hr2018 v1.1

Day-glo yellow/green livery of Manthey Racing Porsche from 12hrs of Bathurst 2018

  1. Small fixes

    A few small fixes to make it as accurate as possible:
    • Added missing 'Natsu Foods' logos to rear arches and re-sized Pirelli logos to be in proportion.
    • Added missing 'Porsche' lettering to underside of rear wing
    • Removed 'Manthey Racing' logs from rear wing end fences.
    • Straightened 'Scherer' logos on both sides of the front bumper to be aligned with KW logos just above them.
    • Improved squares around 'Bott' logos on rear bumper to be sharper.
    • Added 2K version of...