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Polish Broadcast TV Logo 1.4

Changes F1 2016 logo

  1. Heikki

    I made a logos which are used in polish TV.

    Mod has logos of:
    Eleven Sports
    Polsat Sport (old)
    Polsat Sport Extra (old)
    Polsat Sport News (old)
    Polsat Sport
    Polsat Sport Extra
    Polsat Sport News


    My youtube channel:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Julian_54
    Version: 1.4
    Looks great! But I am actually here to ask if you can make the new "SkySportHD1" logo... It is blue and red just look in the internet and you´ll find some pictures! It would be very appreciated if you can do this! Greetings from Germany
  2. MultiGameWorld
    Version: 1.4
    Hahaa Trwam :D Bardzo fajny mod i przyjemny dla oka że tak powiem :)
    1. Heikki
      Author's Response
      Dzięki :)