• So long as all your wheels are pointing in roughly the same direction, you should be fine.
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[PLUGIN] Volk TE37 1.0.1

Replace rally wheel on Volk TE37

  1. Roman266
    With Wheel Resizer plugin:
    This plugin replace model of rally wheel.

    Source of rim model from Forza Motorsport 4
    Tire model and texure from Assetto Corsa

    1. Plugin starts working before game loads. For possible to change tire model and texture I add timer for 10 second. So if you have very weak computer - plugin may not be in time starts working. If it happens - write me, I can increase time for you.
    2. If your game crash a minute after game is loaded - close game, run again and try not to do anything for first half-minute after game is loaded.

    How to install:
    0. You need have Mod Loader
    1. Copy RallyWheel.dll and RallyWheel folder to Mod Loader mods folder

    My GitHub(source)

    My other mods
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Recent Reviews

  1. matty43687
    Version: 1.0.1
    really good
  2. vWernay
    Version: 04.09.2017
    Great Mod
  3. owenjg123
    Version: 20.06.2017
    slight issue with the mod the rims are fine but the wheels tires are pink? any help
    1. Roman266
      Author's Response
      If you use manually install - you replace material file, not texture.
  4. Joel S. Ramirez
    Joel S. Ramirez
    Version: 20.06.2017
    im crashing i cant even play how can i remove this
  5. 007suomi
    Version: 17.04.2017
    nice mod ;)
  6. nsxVICTOR
    Version: 17.04.2017
    Crash :/ 17/04
  7. Aleksandrov1993
    Version: 20.03.2017
  8. senCys
    Version: 13.03.2017
    I love this rim replacement!
    And in general... he usses a proper executable modinstaller.
    (for my opinion, it is fast and clean)