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[PLUGIN] SixGears for Tractor 0.2 - 1

Adds another 3 gears to the Tractor KEKMET.

  1. wolf_vx
    Adds another 3 gears to the Tractor KEKMET,

    Ever wanted to just fly with the tractor down the highway? Or wanted to do a speedy delivery? Well, now you can! This mods adds more gears to the tractor so you can go even faster!

    Requires MSC Mod Loader 0.3.x

    1. Extract SixGearsTractor.zip into your mods directory, possibly Documents/MySummerCar/Mods, steamapps/common/My Summer Car/mods, or AppData/LocalLow/Amistech/My Summer Car/Mods, depending on how you installed MSCModLoader.

    Change log
    ver 0.2
    Updated to MSC ModLoader 0.3.5
    Implemented EasyHooksAPI​
    ver 0.1
    Initial Upload​


    How to edit gear ratios
    1. Go to Assets/EasyHooksAPI
    2. Open six_gears_tractor.txt file with text editor
    3. Edit any gear you like.
    If you don't set "replace_all_gears" value to true, then only gears 5 and 6 will be imported into the game.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Buagga
    Version: 0.2 - 1
    Love it!
  2. gustavaobr2
    Version: 0.2 - 1
    Great! and why you not create a sixgears for hayosiko (van)
    1. wolf_vx
      Author's Response
      whats the point? That van wobbles over 100km which you can reach in 4th gear anyway.
  3. BadMotha
    Version: 0.1
    OMG thank you, this is sorely needed by this game, I hope ToplessGun really takes notice of some of these great mods.
  4. Viktor187634jnhugr
    Version: 0.1
    oh yeah!! /Viktor