• So long as all your wheels are pointing in roughly the same direction, you should be fine.
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[PLUGIN] Retro steel wheel 1.0.1

Replace steel wheel on retro steel wheel.

  1. Roman266
    This plugin replace model of steel wheel.

    1. Plugin starts working before game loads. For possible to change tire model and texture I add timer for 10 second. So if you have very weak computer - plugin may not be in time starts working. If it happens - write me, I can increase time for you.
    2. If your game crash a minute after game is loaded - close game, run again and try not to do anything for first half-minute after game is loaded.

    How to install:
    0. You need have Mod Loader
    1. Copy with replace StockWheel.dll and Assets folder to Mod Loader mods folder

    You can change center color of hubcaps in hubcap_center.png

    My GitHub(source)

    My other mods
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