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Pirelli Sport™ 3.0

Pirelli Sport

  1. citr!x

    Pirelli P Zero and Cinturato.
    New tyre blur, tyre logo and tyre marking. P Zero TM Logo. Improved tyre colour. Realistic tyre compounds and tyre wear. Michael Schumacher Logo. :) :thumbsup:
    Unfortunately you will not be able to join online session using this mod!


Recent Reviews

  1. leoserver
    Version: 3.0
    the mod is excellent good work thanks, wear very high in only 2 laps 20% only that I have version 1.7 of the game, (it does not save the progress in career mode, I do not know if it works in advance of the 1.9 update
  2. Redish
    Version: 2018 HD v2
    Do you thinks its possible to make and equal cars mod?
  3. Wolfgang Berger
    Wolfgang Berger
    Version: 2018 HD FINAL
    works it online ? Multiplayer ?
  4. Falcon Major
    Falcon Major
    Version: 2018
    does this mod improve the grip of dry and wet tyres?