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Peugeot 208 R2 Rally skin 0.9

208 R2 Pack of 2 Rally skin + Link for the car

  1. clemfox69


    1. Screenshot_rw_peugeot208_r2_simtraxx_hradekliptakov_0.7_2-8-117-18-49-21.jpg
    2. Screenshot_rw_peugeot208_r2_simtraxx_hradekliptakov_0.7_2-8-117-18-42-19.jpg
    3. Screenshot_rw_peugeot208_r2_simtraxx_hradekliptakov_0.7_2-8-117-18-39-22.jpg
    4. Screenshot_rw_peugeot208_r2_simtraxx_hradekliptakov_0.7_2-8-117-18-51-58.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. fetzcat
    Version: 0.9
    I love it if you don't disclose the car to use the skin for!