• "I've tried everything other than jumping out of a plane, but nothing gives you an adrenaline rush like racing a car." - Nigel Mansell
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Panasonic Toyota Racing F1 Team 1.6 [xFitcho Career]

The mod replaces the Mercedes team with the Toyota Racing team.

  1. xFitcho Career Version


    -The mod will replace in this version (1.6 [xFitcho Career]) Manor instead of Mercedes

    -Note: This version isn't made for career

    Hey guys, today started @xFitcho his 2nd season in his career! I've created a adjusted version of this mod therewith he can use it for his personal career. Because of the fact that he doesn't plays the usal career mode, this version doesn't include a career hub and is so not recommened for career.

    Hope you guys enjoy! :...
  2. Driver helmets

    Please vote!



    -Added the great helmets for Nico & Lewis (Made by @Franske)

    Yesterday I checked my ToDo-list for my mods and I couldn't believe that there was still one point left to do for this mod! So finally I've included the helmets for my mod! Also big thanks to @Franske for creating these great looking helmets! :D

    Also: Please vote if you have...
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  3. Small fixes, steering wheel & language


    -Added steering wheel

    -Added GER and ENG language file

    -Small fixes

    This is the final version for my mod, no further updates are planned, looking forward to my next creation! :)

    Thank you guys for all the support, it gave much motivation to keep the mod up to date! :roflmao:
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  4. Driver changes & small fixes

  5. Small Update


    -Added pit wall

    -New version of the mechanics

    -Updated ReadMe

    Next and I think last steps will be that create the driver suits. @Franske will create the helmets, thank you already! :)

    20170119210122_1.jpg 20170119210227_1.jpg 20170119210242_1.jpg
  6. Big Update


    -Added race crew

    -Added garage

    -Added cushions

    -Added sleeve

    -Added trailer

    -Updated ReadMe

    Future updates will come, please let me know, if the currently version is working and tell me please every bug you'll find. :)

    I hope you'll enjoy!
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  7. Pit crew & files update for the car


    -Added umbrella

    -Added lapboard

    -Added pit crew

    -Added for the car ALL .dds files with installation guide
    (thanks to @arvaimate00 for the great guide!)

    I'm not to 100% happy with the pit crew, so future updates will come, I hope you enjoy! :)

    20170114100119_1.jpg 20170114100142_1.jpg 20170114100551_1.jpg 20170114100915_1.jpg
  8. Small Fixes


    -.dds files are now added to the .rar file, without installtion guide yet.
  9. Small Fixes


    -The red of the numbers from Hamilton (44) & Rosberg (6) has been changed, the red is now white.

    -Added the second Panasonic on the rear wing.

    -"Pentrons - Sytinum" has been changed to Panasonic.

    -The Pirelli logo is now completely black.

    -Some color fixes at the paint pf the car.