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Organization Save Game 1.5

Weird, huh.

  1. Vnom
    My Summer Car Save Game, a lot of people have done it before, and a lot of people will do it later. But I have something special you might like.

    The Organization Save Game.

    Its a save game, all about organization and not about your cars upgrades much.

    Pictures: http://imgur.com/gallery/22H2U

    The Satsuma as of right now don't have Bucket Seats, Harnesses, and a Rollcage, but however it does have (Full Engine Upgrades, Interior has Air/Fuel Gauge, Racing Tachometer, Clock, Extra Gauges, Rally Steering Wheel, Racing Slicks, Fender Flares, Ducktail Wing, New Radio, Fire Extinguisher, and a Blue Paint-Job.)

    Kilju is bubbling in its bucket on-top of the fridge and you have no needs you need to worry about except Fatigue (So you can have a good sleeping schedule)

    And remember this is Version 1.0, there should be more to come with the new updates and all that.

    You also start off with 13,000 Mk's for your food and all that.

    All of the items (At least most of them) are either in your garage or house, including the ones from the island.

    1. Unpack the .RAR file.
    2. Make a backup of your own save-game.
    3. Search %appdata% and click on the folder.
    4. Put all the files from the .RAR file into AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car

    Contact me if you need any support or have problems with the save-game.

    Note: If some items are not organized in the house, it's just the save's problem because I organized everything very neatly.

    Edit: June 19th, 2017, Version 1.0: I just tried my Kilju, it's the bomb, its enough for you to pass out 2 times and die of dehydration, that was the best stuff I've had in my life

    Edit: June 20th, 2017, Version 1.1: Kilju is even more bomb, and its not bubbling anymore, all the juice can's are in the fridge with Kilju, and the car does no longer have a black trunk. Also sauna is filled up.

    Edit: June 21st, 2017, Version 1.2: Made use of the new shelf in the new update, the fish cage is now in the shelf area too, old parts are left in the garage.

Recent Reviews

  1. Yellow Perkele
    Yellow Perkele
    Version: 1.1
    New update is better because you don't have to wait for Kilju to be done and you will get rich from it
  2. Yellow Perkele
    Yellow Perkele
    Version: 1.0
    Good save, good looking car, house is neat, Kilju is boss, and more
  3. Damien Zijlstra YT
    Damien Zijlstra YT
    Version: 1.0