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Nordschleife Tourist with AI V1.0 2017-06-04

Nordschleife Tourist with AI V1.0

  1. Juergen Lung
    I did a new AI Line for the Tourist Version of the Nordschleife. Unfortunately the Original Kunos Tourist Version could only filled with 32 running car in Online races.
    Therefore i made this Addon to have allways as many nice cars on the track as possible.
    This is only an addition to the Original ks_nordschleife, so you need to have the original one.

    Additional Info:
    I had to reconfigure all camera Possions, because of the different Start / Finishline compared to the normal Nordschleife. NSP 0 for the Tourist starts at Döttinger Höhe, for the normal Nordschleife at T13.
    So the NSP Difference is 0.131.
    Keep that in mind if you want to use you own camera file which is for the Original Kunos Nordschleife and Nordschleife Tourist.

    I had also the Heli Cam from Phoenix77 added to the Track
    with the needed 0.131 correction for my Track Version.
    Thanks to Him for the nice cameras.

    If you wonder about the Low Speed in the Parking Area: 30 km/h
    Flugplatz & Schwedenkreuz are limited to 230 km/h
    If you want to change the Speedlimits have a look into the file ai_hints.ini.

    It's not 100% perfect within the parking area at the Entrance, but work fine for me.

    You cannot Race on that track. So you can use it only as Track Day.
    Please don't use Quick Race! This could'nt work.

    May be someone could add some more Cars to the Tourist Track. I don't know how to do that.

    copy the files to the track folder.
    You can find my addition within ks_nordschleife.
    No Original Files of the Original Track are overwriten.


    Hope you like it.
    upload_2017-6-4_19-0-3.png upload_2017-6-4_19-0-16.png

    I have Created a Championship to select the Cars and Skin i want to see on the Track:

    You can also use Content Manager to start a Track Day:
    There you can create a pool of cars you want to see on the track and when you start the Session the track is randomly filled with car from the pool.
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Recent Reviews

  1. ddcperdo
    Version: 2017-06-04
    Awesome done, real great experience. Thank you so much, flawless work for me.
  2. CobraCat
    Version: 2017-06-04
    Excellent! Well done !
  3. Mad_Mike
    Version: 2017-06-04
    Works great! Finally a nice Ring Feeling for offline fun.
    5 Stars, even if some cars will not make it to the track when im racing witch 30 cars in race weekend practice mode.
  4. DevilsKitchen
    Version: 2017-06-04
    Awesome idea, I always wanted this kind of mode. Feels like a real Sunday at the Ring!
    BTW why did you set the limit to 230 at Flugplatz and Schwedenkreuz?
    1. Juergen Lung
      Author's Response
      I saw in a reply a fast AI car with front tyres high in the air. Which i didn't like. Therefore i decided to set the limit. In real it was 200 km/h after the fatal VLN crash. But then AI brake to hard in front of me, so i decided to set it to 230 km/h.
      Feel free to change or delete the limit.
      You can change it in the ai_hints.ini:
      VALUE=230 <-----------------------
  5. ScuderiaVeloce
    Version: 2017-06-04
    This mod deserves 5 stars and not 3 stars it currently has.. It's really simple to install and play. Once you get it running, it's really like at a Tourist session at the Nordschleife! You have cars entering and exiting the gantry which can get real busy. Some cars enter the gantry after their first run and continue for a second run, while some cars enter the gantry and pit to refuel and then exit gantry again. And this update is major improvement over the last version 0.6. All the cars slow down to their pitlane speed (like in real life where they have tight speed limits) in the gantry area so they wont overspeed, crash and get stuck. All the cars were running fine for the entire 45 mins. One of the best mods for me because the Tourist version that cant be played in single player mode can now be played with AI!
  6. Tanko
    Version: 2017-06-04
    Works well with racing weekend
    1. Juergen Lung
      Author's Response
      Yes correct. Raceweekend with Practice Session or make a Championship. Or start with Content Manager in Track Day Mode.
  7. LR-Thom
    Version: 2017-06-04
    Does not work for me too... The cars are falling trought the ground
    1. Juergen Lung
      Author's Response
      Don't use Quick Race! Tourist Track is not for racing. Start a Race Weekend and use practise Session.
  8. Jmy82
    Version: 2017-06-04
    it don t work :(
    1. Juergen Lung
      Author's Response
      Got a privamte Message from Jmy82 today: ok cool it works thx