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Nordschleife Tourist 55 AI 1.148

Nordschleife Tourist Offline with New Pit Layout, 55 AI Pitboxes, AI Lines, Cam and Ai Hints

  1. Adie Evergreen
    AC Version

    Designed for 1.15.2 version of Assetto corsa
    Different version of AC may result un-noted bug

    Note :
    if you already have 1.128, remove the mod completely.
    then download and use 1.148 as usual (as before)

    1.128 Release 4 November 2017
    1.148 Release 13 November 2017

    Background :
    I bought AC just for cruising in Nordschleife Tourist. Unfortunately, i live in a distances country from server thus suffer from a high ping which can really bug some honest player when racing inch by inch in online session.

    So i started to make this mod from May 2017 to cruise in nordschleife tourist with 55 collection of AI. I Revised it time to time when i have spare time.

    Since we didnt know if kunos would update this tourist layout with official AI or not, so i just fill this empty space for a while by decided to share this mod here on RD.

    About :
    This is a mod where i add a Layout Addon for New Tourist Pit Design include proper entry & exit collision, along with 55 AI PitBoxes, Fastlane, AI Pitlane, Track Boundaries and Static Cam

    Please Note That :
    I use a different/separated file from original, So this is a "Layout AddOn with its own Script and Data. All Ks_Nordschleife and others support file remain original.

    Warning :
    Please be kind enough with your CPU Limit. Test it first with "x" amount of AI. Know your CPU before pushing it to the limit and Use at your own risk

    Author Video :
    Please watch the video before download
    Main feature of Trackday (skip to @10:35), and
    Race Spread Mode (skip to @15:48)
    Note : This is 1.128 mod version video, Track UI have changed in 1.148 to "Nordschleife - AE 1.148" under "Nordschleife" Group

    Video Note and Spec :
    Sorry for the resolution. I have to resized it to 720P 15K Bitrate for smaller upload size. i7-4790K, GTX 980TI, 32GB RAM, 1080P and ... Mouse for steering (to mention regarding ffb update rate)

    Contributor Video :
    This is Alistair McKinley's Video about the mod (German Presentation)

    Many thx mate :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Requirement :
    Assetto Corsa DLC Dream Pack 1

    Modding Purposed :
    - Mainly purposed only for offline fun with AI
    - Improving skill by competing with 5 custom ai hints

    Modding Feature :
    as in previous 1.128 version

    - Nordschleife Tourist with 55 AI Slot
    56 Including Player
    - Nordschleife Entrance Prettification
    Only Add few LowPoly Original AC Object
    Purposed to maintain FPS during crowded
    - Trackdays or Practice Mode
    All 55 AI Pit Boxes in the left side parking area
    - Race Mode
    This is not a race, its just a spreaded start where 55 AI already spreaded in every section of the track.
    It can help to ease GPU use, but CPU usage will remain the same, since it still calculating all AI
    Note : You must Use 1st Position to have a Proper/Legit time. Position 2nd to 55th will have a buggy time in their 1st lap, since they didnt pass the start line instead directly pass finish line.
    - New AI Fastlane and Pitlane
    My Version of Fastlane and PitLane
    - New Track Limit/Boundaries
    Encouraging but also limiting AI Moves and Overtake. I let some overtake limit wider, just to have a little bit Random AI accident
    - 5 Optional ai_hints
    You can choose 1 from 5 custom ai_hints level that i've provided.
    there are Tourist, Standard, SemiPro, Pro and Alien.
    It is an effort to have a Consistent and Competitives AI Laptimes each lap.
    Note : ingame Strenght Must 100% or in laps 2,3,4..ect AI will have "too early braking bug" in hohenrein and wehrseifen thus making their lap slower compare to their 1st lap
    - Re-scripted and Add 43 static camera
    Static Spectator View Only (Press F3 for track Cameras). Use this and feel the sound of cars
    That passes by.

    Release Update
    Mod Log Version 1.148 :
    - Revised Track Limit (Suggested by : Alistair McKinley)
    - Revised Fastlane
    - Race Slot Re-Order (numerical random pos)
    - Moving user Pitbox near Gate
    - New TV Cam and Add Static 95 Camera
    - Added Marshall around the tourist track
    - Entrance Object DrawCall Rework
    - Entrance Texture Re-Assign
    - Ui Name Fix (Suggested by : Hachiroku_88PL)
    - Other data and script
    .. more information see "Update" Tab Above..

    Credit/Special Thanks To :
    My wife ; All Time Support
    Kunos Simulazioni ; AC Developer & Asset Copyright
    AssettoCorsa.Net Forum Staff ; Basic Modding
    - Luchian ; Modding Knowledge
    - LilSKi ; Modding Knowledge
    RaceDepartment Forum Staff ; Modding Resources
    - Dave Noonan ; 3DsimED
    - kasperski95 ; Camtool 2
    - Esotic ; AI Line Helper V1.6
    - Juergen Lung ; Inspiration
    Detyo Ary ; Beta Tester
    Alistair McKinley ; German Vid Presentation

    More Information about :
    a) how to use
    b) Bug hint
    c) Custom Ai hints
    can be read inside the package.
    Bug or Mismod solution, please check :

    - Reviewers Comment Section
    - Support Forum Tab
    - Inside the package .txt

    Several other suggestion has been noted and i cant thank you enough for reviewers support and contribution. I work based on motivation & mood which not always easy to maintain, so the easiest or the most attracted one gets revised first.

    Permission :
    If the mod isn't appropriate for community and have to be removed please inform me and Thx for your Kindness Review

    Thank's to RD Admin and staff
    Best Regards
    Adie Evergreen


    1. Master AE V.2 96x96.jpg
    2. AE 1.jpg
    3. AE 2.jpg
    4. AE 3.jpg
    5. AE 4.jpg
    6. AE 5.jpg
    7. AE 6.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lamiche67
    Version: 1.148
    A must have ! Perfect !
  2. stanmin
    Version: 1.148
    My new favorite thing to do in AC. Green hell track day yay!
    I can get all 56 cars running just fine without any CPU warnings on i7 6700k, very enjoyable with various cars.
  3. lensdu
    Version: 1.148
    This is great! It looks amazing to select a big variety of cars and just drive around in the parking lot. Also, everything else works pretty well if you set the AI agression to 100%. A lot of details around the parking lot, and fortunally my PC can handle 55 AIs with some >99% CPU warnings but without issues.

    Just one thing that I would love to see is to get some (roughly) modelled roads around the Nordschleife and to somehow get rid of the gates at entry/exit of the parking lot completely, but this may be too much to ask. Anyways, this is like Kunos should have done it themselves, thanks a lot!
  4. ScuderiaVeloce
    Version: 1.148
    Like others said, the experience to drive trackday at nords in AC is just so awesome! Must have mod!
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thx a lot for the stars :D
  5. Hotty
    Version: 1.148
    Thank you for this great Mod,top Work
    I love the Nordschleife,must have Mod
    when you want to drive Offline on Nord
    Tourist and have the biggest Fun to drive
    with many different Cars
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review :cheers
  6. Oli24
    Version: 1.148
    This is incredible, just for the listening experience alone I rate this 10/10. Great work.
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thank youuu fo 10/10 ehehe ^_^
  7. darkelf1
    Version: 1.148
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thank you mate
  8. NoseyGuyy
    Version: 1.148
    This is seriously beyond cool! Nothing like a proper trackday at the Nordshleife! Thank you :)
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thanks noseyguyy :D
  9. chauncey
    Version: 1.128
    dont get me wrong the parts of the track you did modify were very good. good ai paths a nice pit area and all that but. i myself was looking for a nurburg track with 50+ ai as a complete track. you should have made 2 variants. one for the trackdays like one you have here and another for when someone like me with a beast enough cpu that wants the full enduro experience. all you have to do is free up the straight and this track would have been a 5 star dream come true. good mod thou.
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      There're already 108 and 60 Ai slot made by other modder for endurance version here in racedepartment.

      To combine both endurance and tourist i'm a bit afraid about the kunos contract with track official.

      So, I just made layout only for tourist like a lil bit similar with 2017 tourist layout in youtube video.

      Thx for the stars mate ^_^
  10. mrgrumpy888
    Version: 1.128
    Brilliant – you've done a great job with this mod.
    You're very talented!
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the stars.. cheers :D
  11. Dreamliner
    Version: 1.128
    Thanks for making the Schleife better tahn before. Really great stuff Adie. Every star worth plus additional...
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the stars. Have fun ^_^
  12. magzire
    Version: 1.128
    This is to epic, nice job :)
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 5 star ^ ^

      I hope you solve the bug by going 100% strenght in tour level of ai_hints.

      If you want slower AI than the tour level, You can simply edit it your self. i've made a simple tutorial to modifed it. Its in "what is this Q&A.txt" under optional ai folder. Located barely in the end of note.

      Cheers mate
  13. RasFafa
    Version: 1.128
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Many thx RasFafa..have fun
  14. Hachiroku_88PL
    Version: 1.128
    Excellent mod! Just one little thing, as I am using Content Manager. Before installation I had a group called Nordschleife, where all tracks sat in. After running the mod whole group changed name to AE NordTourist, so I got little confused at first. It has something to do with the AE ui files, becouse once removed, it gets back to normal. Of course CM allows you to rename the group and the issue is gone.
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Hai hachiroku, first..thank you for the 5 star ^_^

      Yes, its because the mod
      i'll explain to you how AC call a track group name for this case

      If you see under "ui folder", ex : ui\AE NordTourist\ui_track.json << open it with Notepad++ or wordpad.

      Find "name" : "AE NordTourist 1.128",
      change it to "name": "Nordschleife - AE 1.128".
      then save it.

      Now in CM, you will see the Group comes back to "Nordschleife".

      It is because Assetto will open all the ui_track.json inside the UI, and collecting "name" Alphabet then arrange it.
      Originally, AC will pick "Nordschleife" as group name, because "Nordschleife - Endurance" will be ordered after "Nordschleife".

      I hope my explanation is clear enough..cheers mate :-)
  15. bururu92
    Version: 1.128
    Fantastic mod! So much better than previous one I had! Love how you really brought that trackday feeling, AI behaviour is great too! Well done!
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the review bururu ^_^
  16. Manuel Staedel
    Manuel Staedel
    Version: 1.128
    Really good, cruising with AI, thank you!
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review manuel, hope you like it ^_^
  17. Alistair McKinley
    Alistair McKinley
    Version: 1.128
    One of the best mods for Assetto Corsa!
    Thank you very much!
    You've done an outstanding work - especially all those cameras.

    I'd give five stars for the new layout including AI lines and new surroundings (trackside objects) and I'd give another five stars for all the cameras you get with this mod.
    It's pure insanity: There is one TV cam which is more like a spectator cam (like you'd be at the Nordschleife and watch a Touistenfahrt) and there are 43 (yes 43) static trackside cameras covering every section of the Nordschleife BTG.

    There are just two minor issues with the AI:
    1) sometimes AI need to go on the grass to overtake another car (Adie Everygreen knows about that and tries to siomething about it - see support page)
    2) often AI crash or ram into each other because of no. 1

    If you tun damage off it's not a real problem. I did a German mod presentation on my YouTube channel if you want to have a look (you should also watch Adie's video above):

    Thank you very much again, Adie, for this fantastic mod.
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      Thank you alistair, im working on it :D :D. Superb vid presentation btw really...permission to pin your vids in mod description above
  18. world_medic
    Version: 1.128
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      レビューをいただきありがとうございます。私は本当に日本に泳ぎたい \(^ ^)/
  19. Tomcul
    Version: 1.128
    Love the carpark, I've removed the two gates from my kn5 to further enhance the experience, the alien AI is also a nice step up in pace.
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      thank you., for the review

      the file size of main .kn5 is too big to just removing the gate, so i'm not included in the mod
      glad you can remove it :D

      Have fun with the alien, although i hate with some AI ability with those ultra 1.2grip in their own file, they can late brake meters away from us.
  20. João Tuning
    João Tuning
    Version: 1.128
    1. Adie Evergreen
      Author's Response
      thanks for the review . Cheers :-)