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Nissan Skyline R34 LPD Streetracer 1.0

LPD-Streetracer Edition

  1. Lucian Paine
    The Nissan Skyline R34 "LucianPaineDesign" Streetracer-Edition

    In the Row of Streetracer Cars the next is the Fahter of the R35, the Skyline R34 by Nissan.

    The Car is official ingame of Assetto Corsa, so just click the DownLoad Button and have fun.

    There is also a small Gallery of that car @ http://lucianpainedesign.blogspot.de/2016/09/nissan-skyline-r34-lucianpainedesign.html

    And if you think, there is another Streetracer that needs a Austin-Yellow touch, let me know via Facebook or here @Lucian Paine

    Lucian Paine