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New Shop Banners 2017-06-11


  1. Alexander192111
    1.Download UnityAssestsExplorer,Link here:
    Desktop 11-06-2017 12-35-20-922.png Desktop 11-06-2017 12-35-07-928.png Desktop 11-06-2017 12-35-01-193.png Desktop 11-06-2017 12-34-57-274.png Desktop 11-06-2017 12-35-01-193.png
    2.Open C:program Files/Steam/apps/mysummercar/mysummercar_data/sharedassests3

    3. Search for:Store_Banners.tex,then right click and press extract this file.

    4. Replace the game's files with mine,and then right click again on Store_Banners.tex.tex and press:Import file from DDS

    5.Unity should tell you DONE.

    6.Press:Save as assests File,and then replace your original sharedassests3 with the modded one.

    7.Enter in the game and play!

Recent Reviews

  1. Someoneishere
    Version: 2017-06-11
    Sooo ugly :c
    1. Alexander192111
      Author's Response
      It is ugly beacuse the background is white? i can hide that..