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Nabil Jeffri F2 helmet 2017

Last helmet for F1 2016

  1. Dimitar Vitanov
    Thanks for all the support during F1 2016. This is my last helmet for this game. I'm working on big things for 2017, you just have to wait and see...............................
    Here you can see a time-lapse of me creating a helmet for the F1 Game (Luca Ghiotto's helmet) -
    bandicam 2017-08-12 23-13-45-392.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheDuck
    Version: 2017
    You're just a genius at this... Can't wait to see what you've got planned for F1 2017.
    Idea, could be cool if for each helmet you included the helmet with and without the sponsors for F1 2017, for people who want to use the sponsorless one for themselves (I have my eye on Vandoorne's Spa special helmet personally). But yeah, that would be a cool idea, and easy to do as well as all the sponsors are on different layers which you can just hide and save a sponsorless edition for each one.
    Again, great job, loved that time-lapse, and keep it up!