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My Summer Car Balkan MOD V2.0

Balkan Mod

  1. SegaDevSrbija
    My Summer Car Balkan MOD V1.51
    Developed by SEGA
    Changelog V1.51

    -Added new Flatbed
    -Updated for MSC 05.02.2017

    Changelog V1.5

    -Added translations of Inspection shop and Fleetari repair shop
    -Fixed some bugs
    -Added Serbian sugar
    -Added Serbian juice
    -Fixed mispelled Roadsigns
    -Added bunch things to the game

    Changelog v1.0

    -Added new posters in offices
    -Added new bathroom tiles
    -Added new beer truck
    -Added new envelope skin Tradicional Serbian
    -Added Serbian car Magazine instead of Finnish
    -Added new shopping bag
    -Added map of Serbia in Inspection office
    -Changed booze with Rakija
    -Changed garage walls
    -Changed garage table skin
    -Changed carpet
    -Changed Muscle car skin
    -Changed floor to modern wooden floor
    -Changed phone table fabric to tradicional Serbian
    -Changed umbrella skin
    -Changed wood on public toilet with better quality
    -Changed tractor skin

    Changelog 0.1Alpha

    -Added Registration plates
    -Added Cleaner motor look and electronics.
    -Added Serbian beer
    -Added New banners for shops
    -Added Serbian Chips
    -Added Kozije Mleko/Goat Milk
    -Added Serbian cop shirts
    -Added Maxi uniform
    -Added New Serbian villages signs
    -Added Serbian villages map
    -Added New police car paint
    -Added New skin for truck
    -Added New skin for van
    -Added New Instrument panel(Leather)
    -Added New garage table
    -Added New garage walls
    And many little things that evoke life of an Balkanian man.

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    Version: V2.0
    najbolji mod u istoriji modova ikada...