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Motorsport Manager Save Game Editor 1.1.6470.24000

Save editor for MM

  1. v1.1

    Real World
    Lots of new features for you in this update.

    - Added ability to add and remove tracks from next years calendar
    - Added current save file to window title
    - Added improvement rate stat to driver tab
    - Added ability to modify existing mechanic relationships
    - BIGFIX: Fixed a crash when setting new parts as "stock" parts.

    Use the request a feature option in the help menu to suggest new features you want to see. This thread has become a bit of a monster and I can't keep track of...
  2. v1.0

    Real World
    First "full" release. The tool now has the bulk of the features I wanted it to have. There's more to come but probably on a slower timescale. I can't continue to invest this much of my free time for no cost - as nice as all the positive feedback is! On that note, I have added a donate link to the help menu in the app. I don't expect any donations - I did this for the fun of it - but it does motivate me to spend more time on it I guess :)

    The major update to this release is the rules...
  3. v0.10

    Real World
    Probably the last "pre-release" build. I plan on adding championship rules editing to the next release which will probably be version 1.0
    It's unlikely to be the last update as I'm quite enjoying mucking about with this but I might slow down a little.
    Anyway, here's the update:

    - Added support for modifying the HQ
    - Fix for save game incompatibility
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  4. 0.9

    Real World
    - Added person nationalities
    - Added Chairman tab
    - More bug fixes
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  5. 0.8 hotfix 2

    Real World
    Small update to fix some exceptions caused by transferring drivers
    Fix to driver traits so trait names are displayed instead of string ID's
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  6. 0.8 hotfix

    Real World
    Small update to add a missing data structure reported by one of our users
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  7. 0.8

    Real World
    Here we go then. Back to the good stuff :)

    - Support for swapping drivers, engineers and mechanics between teams
    - Added Help menu
    - + Added an option to submit a MM Game crash log to us for analysis if a modified save causes a crash
    - + Added a link to the support thread on racedepartment.com

    For the crash log feature please read the popup box that shows when you select the option. Hopefully, nobody will need to use it but if you do its easier than me requesting all the information...
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  8. v0.7

    Real World
    - Loads of bug fixes to improve compatibility with save games from 1.4
    - Improved internal error reporting
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  9. v0.6

    Real World
    - Support for 1.4 version of Motorsport Manager
    - Tapping the team name on any person entry will take you to that team on the teams tab
    - BUGFIX: A number of reported crashes have been resolved

    As always, but more so than ever with this release - MAKE A BACKUP. The update to add support for 1.4 was much easier than I expected with barely any changes to the save data. This worries me! :D There's a chance I've missed something. I don't have the DLC and I've not played any challenges so...
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  10. v0.5

    Real World
    - Added mechanic stats
    - Added engineer stats
    - Added employed mechanics and engineers to team page
    - BUGFIX: Tool crashes if adding driver trait then cancelling without selecting anything
  11. 0.4 patch

    Real World
    Very minor patch to 0.4 release to improve reliability of save file loading and improve the quality of bug reports
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  12. v0.4

    Real World
    - Added tabs for mechanics and engineers. Basic person stats editing only
    - Added basic contract fields
    - Added improved load file error checking
    - Added support for modifying team finances
    - BUGFIX: Components cost zero and take no time to build
    - BUGFIX: Team colours are lost after saving
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  13. v0.3 Release

    Real World
    I've uploaded v0.3 to see if this improves the situation for anyone experiencing issues. I've also added support for adding and removing driver traits - although due to the lack of localisation data it's guesswork what each one does! I'll improve that eventually.
  14. Bug fix

    Real World
    Fixed a bug where changing a driver name would cause the game to crash.
    Added icon
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  15. 0.2

    Real World
    Fix for crash bugs with certain save files
    Added support for modifying drivers and team principals
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