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MotorSport Manager Balance Mod (Part 1) 1.31c

With Difficulty Customization (1.3 will have these availble at a later date).

  1. TheFlamingRed

    The Flaming Red's

    Motorsport Manager Balance Mod

    With Difficulty Customization.

    This mod is split into two main sections: Asset file and Assembly File

    You need all three parts!
    Part 1: Asset File (1/2)
    Part 2: Asset File (2/2)
    Part 3: Assembly File (1/1)

    Unrar these three parts (part 1+2 need to be unrared together)
    Read the ReadMe.txt for further instructions

    Developmental Thread:


    If you have the 10th best car on the grid, your final finishing position is going to be an estimated 16-20th. You should no longer be able to hire drivers who will completely outperform the car by ridiculous levels (Yes! I'm looking at you Rafeal Rodrigues!). Nor will you be able to get Archer promoted in season 1!

    While the player will now develop increased development costs in APSC (x1.2), GT1 (x1.4) and WMC (x1.6), the AI will have their development costs reduced by 80% over all series (effectively total costs of 20%, 24% and 32% in each tier respectively).

    This frees up the AI's money for sustained development, better chassis choices, better drivers and HQ development. This should decrease the chances that the AI becomes 'bankrupt' and stops developing altogether. Overall, this helps the AI be less bad with their money.

    The chassis stats will now have secondary effects in regard to the makeup of your car.
    • Tyre Wear to become "Component Wear"
      This will now effect the base RedZone (vanilla 20%) when developing parts. It will go from having 30% Redzone (0* Chassis) to 10% Redzone (5* Chassis)
    • Heat Management to become "Vehicle Stability"
      This will now effect the base Reliability (vanilla 40%) when developing parts. It will go from having 25% Reliability (0* Chassis) to 65% Reliability (5* Chassis)
    • Fuel Efficiency is to become "Performance Efficiency"
      This will raise the BaseStat when developing a new part. This ranges from +0 (0* Chassis) to a +25 (5* Chassis)
    • Improvability becomes "Improvability"
      This does the same thing that it does originally, just better. By default, it increased the max performance (0-20) of a newly created part. This has now been increased to 0-50.
    • The Component Improvement based from Designer Stats has been increased by x3 making a good designer very important.
    Note: Tooltip of the Performance Breakdown is no longer correct as the graphics were not designed to have these different values take place.

    In your first season, and any season which you change teams, you and the will been immune to any Tech Decay. This represents the player bringing his "Expert Knowledge" to a new team. The AI will never suffer the same penalty.

    On your second season with a team (after you have built a chassis) the player gets a "-x% Performance Decay" on the base stat of new parts. The Player will also experience a "-20*Team Star Level" (found on the info page) on base stat of new parts too. These effects are felt stronger in the top leagues and not felt much at all in the lower leagues.

    How this changes the Balance

    • The AI is in a stronger position when it comes to developing their car, the player is now in a weaker position when it comes to developing their car.
    • Progression will now be slower. The Player must now develop lots of new parts to (1) Overcome the PLAYER DECAY and make performance progress. (2) Overcome the TECH BONUS for the AI. (3) Overcome the original increase in performance the AI develops.
    • Progression will be much slower the further away from the ‘performance reset event’ you get.
    • The AI may now actually be able to outpace you in development!!! Being the top team in a league will be very difficult over time – giving you more challenge as you hope to defend your championships while no longer having the best car!
    • ERS/ASPC/WMC are basically ‘Difficulty levels’ because the Decay amount increases with each league. WMC now being an actual CUT-THROAT CHALLENGING league, (as it should be!)
    • HQ Performance buildings now actually mean something in lower tiers – and are essential for the player in WMC!
    • In the first season with a new team, when you're getting the "Expert Knowledge Boost", it is essential the player takes as much advantage as they can, for things will only get harder from there on. This also actually encourages players to join other teams, to give that new team a years advantage of Expert Knowledge.
    You can now choose your own difficulty, which will impact how quickly / slowly your team will progress. This changes the value of the "-x% Performance Decay" from the above feature and changes it to:
    • Very Easy (-0.0%)
    • Easy (-1.0%)
    • Normal (-2.0%)
    • Challenging (-3.0%)
    • Troublesome (-4.0%)
    (NB: know that these have been reduced from previous versions because of the -20*star level of the team will provide between -10 to -100 starting stat amount, where as in the past, was only a fixed -25)
    Drivers will now be a lot less happy about driving poor to mediocore cars. They want to drive for teams that win.

    Unless you're a top team, managing driver morale is now important. If you're a backmarker team, keeping it up is going to be a huge challenge, next to impossible. It's going to be very hard for a backmarker to hold onto good drivers.

    For further strategies, see this post: http://www.racedepartment.com/threa...ta-testers-wanted.128938/page-21#post-2381255

    The shortest game play mode has gone. Sorry to those who liked it.

    The old medium option length is in the Short Gamemode
    The old long option length legth is in the Medium Gamemode
    in the Long Gamemode is Longer Open Wheel Racing and Endurance GT tacing available.

    This was all thanks to Brian (who also added in some new traits and emails), so go say thanks to him on his development thread: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/brians-mod-testing-testers-wanted.131875/

    In 1.2, I fixed the problematic Interview system from always spawning the same negative questions. In 1.3, the developerss fixed and then re-broke them, implementing a newsystem which doesn't work so well. Most of the time, you're asked one question (which normally makes sense) but then the interview is done.

    In this version, you should now get 4 Interview questions per race, including the two questions about individual performance which I fixed in 1.2, plus one new ones related to race strategy, plus another one regarding rumors or other events. This should keep the variety open a little more.

    Dilemmas have also been extended and re-balanced, proving a little more variety there.

    But I'm actively recruiting writers to design and submit their own interview questions and dilemmas, and add them into the game.

    The Prestige of the team (Star Level on the main team page) is now taken into account when working out the team's final sponsorship level.

    The calculation is now:

    This means that:
    • Worst teams in any competition will now be able to get high level sponspors
    • Teams doing well in a competition will be able to get high sponsors without even needing high marketable drivers.
    Here's an example of what is possible:


    Secondly, there is a longer version (x3) of each sponsor. Up front payments have been inversely balanced based on the sponsor star rating.

    These changes allows for new strategies when determining choosing your drivers and choosing your sponsors.

    As this mod changes both the base resource.asset and CSharpAssembly.dll. any and all workshop mods will install "on top of" all these changes. So you can play you're preferred Real Name Mod, alternate start mod, or any other database change mod on top of all the changes found here.

    If a workshop mod changes a file I've altered, then the workshop changes will take priority. See below for a full list of the asset files used.

    There are a number of smaller changes. These include:
    • Track Grip Level has been included! See your laptimes go down as the level of rubber increases! Getting last over the line in qualifying may lead to great benefits! (it's too overpowered right now - but let us bask in its existance before I tone it down next patch).
    • Your drivers may now SPIN!
    • Increased the Design Facility -0.3 days per level to -1 day per level.
    • Increased the impact of Drivers personality traits.
    • Chassis Supplier have been rebalanced, so you have to make choices to priorities one state or the other, or have an average car.
    • Increase the duration of Safety Cars, Virtual Saftey Cars and Yellow Flag events.
    • Increased reserve driver stat boosts.
    • Increase the number of topics to vote on per season.
    • Reduce the amount of scouting slots available.
    • Reduce the amount of forecast you can see.
    • Random Part Failures:
    • Below is the full changelog from vanilla if you wish to know the precise changes made.
    Change-log from vanilla



    • The Telemetry Centre and Simulator now depend on the Staff Housing level 2 (instead of only design and factory) - Encourages Players to build this building, as it otherwise only used for stat improvement of drivers - nearly useless in the vanilla game.
    • The Road Car Factory, Theme Park and Tourist Centre all need the Staff Housing to be increased to the same requirements of the Factory and Design Center.
    • Factory now has less works available at level 2, 3 and 4.
    • Increased the chance of storms happening in some climates.
    • Re-balanced some existing dilemmas
    • Added a whole heep of alternative dilemmas based off of pre-existing ones.
    • Edited text to reflect the mod's changes as and where possible. (Credit to Brian for aiding with this)
    • Changed it so average car performance was less impactful, but Crucial Parts were more impactful.
    • Bumped the short race duration.
    • Added in Brain's Endurance System and Tyre life changes (Credit to Brian for creating the endurance system)
    • Increased change of setup time.
    • Increased the post-race interview count to 4.
    • (Assembly aid) Fixed what was broken regarding RaceVsExpectation.and RacePosition errors which caused dozens of questions to not spawn.
    • Added a forth investor.
    • Edited the investor bonuses to allow for different type of playthroughs.
    • Fixed the length of Doha C (which was recorded being hugely shorter then Doha A, despite that only one short corner was cut)
    • Increased the chances of a Safety Car responding to a crash by 35% (this was reduced by -50% in the last patch - making the safety car far too rare)
    • Brian's Personality Trait informer for the new traits.
    • Brian's Personality Trait informer.for the new traits.
    • Brian's Personality Trait informer.for the new traits.
    Part Components
    • Added +10% Redzone for some 'only stat' increase parts.
    • Secret Feature #2
    Part Supplies
    • Created a large number of chassis 'discounts' and "will not sell to" entries for all teams. This may force you a change in your chassis strategy
    • Chassis Supplier stats have been re-balanced, so you have to make choices to priorities one stat or the other, or compromise both.
    • Secret Feature #3
    • Increased the cost of newly designed parts in APSC by 1.2x, GT1 by 1,4x and in WMC by 1.6x.
    • Increased the time it takes to develop a part by 1 day (the HQ's design factility now offers -1 day per level instead of -1/3rd of a day)
    Personality Traits
    • Increased the Duration of (many) temporary effects. Times have now been randomised between a minimum and maximum.
    • Increased the Buff / Debuff stength of many effects. This makes the characters more impactful.
    • Included Brain's new personality traits.
    • Added yet some more personality traits
    Player Default
    • Lowered initial player Race Management, Loyalty and Finance stats from 10, 10, 10 to 2, 2, 2.
    Rule Changes
    • I changed the Merit Payments to be more severe.
    • Pit lane speeds 40 (from 50) and 80 (from 70) to emphasis the rule's existance.
    Simulation Settings
    • Changed Short Qualify from 8 minutes to 5 minutes to make it a one shot qualifying.
    • Change Medium Qualifying from 10 minutes to 12 minutes.
    • Changed Long Qualifying from 12 Minutes to 18 minutes, to ensure that all cars can get in a good lap.
    • Decreased the performance gap for all parts. This makes Average Car Performance Parts have less impact so neither the AI or Player can run away having the best car.
    • Increased Critical Part performance spread. This is to increase the importance of car performance, spreading the gaps between poor, average and good cars. . This should make it that even Rodrigues will not be able to win every race in poor cars.
    • Decreased wear of Push and Attack, and also increasing the speed bonus of Push and Attack.
    • Increased the change setup time delay to prevent players from continually coming in on their outlap to refine the setup quickly. Now it's better to run a stint and take note of the radio messages. Feedback is now more important too to make up for this increased setup delay.
    • Bumped Short races to now be medium to make way for Brain's SingleSeater increased race distances and tyre life changes. .
    • Created a longer version (x3) of each sponsor. Up front payments have been inversely balanced based on the sponsor star rating. (Probably going to be readjusted once long term effects of the new sponsor game-play kicks in)
    • Changed a few lines so that the new Chassis Stats were explained a little in the tooltips when creating a chassis.



    • Set the Blue flag to trigger when the car behind is 0.5s behind instead of 3s. (Hudson's work)
    • Decreased Comfort Zone to 0.2 - 0.85 from 0.5 - 0.85 so cars behind car run closer to cars in front.
    • Changed duration of the safety car to be between 1-4 laps.
    • Added some blue flag behaviour to let cars pass a little easier at the tail end of the spin
    • Set the number of Condition Loss ticks from 10 to a random amount between 8 and 12 per race
    Car Opinion
    • Increase the effect of negative moral a driver gets when he is unhappy or mediocre with the car / his car compared to his teammate
    • Enabled some Random Part Failures.
    Crash Director
    • Increased the Virtual Safety Car deployment time
    • Reduce AI costs to 10%
    • Added Chassis traits to Redzone, Reliability, Max Stat and Base Stat
    • Added 3x Designer Component Stat Strength (plus description)
    • Created Variable Tech Decay based on Star Level (20*Star Level).
    • Created %based decay as a difficulty level.
    • Set some changes of Season Expecations.
    • Reimplemented my old fix to get the interview RacePositionVsExpectation to work. (which maybe redundant as I reliased they've actually changed this themselves). CURRENTLY REMOVED! I don't believe this fix is needed anymore, but if needed I will reactive it.
    Dilemma System
    • Tweaked the EngineReliability to NewPartReliability and adjusted what it has done.
    • Rebalanced the driver moral change per race. (Max now 4 down from 20, other minor stats changed)
    • Reduced Lower Funds Bound from -5,000,000 to -1,000,000.
    • Reduced Scrutineering Chance from 15% to 5%. Reduced Promotion Parts Stats from x1 to x0.8
    • Reduced initial reliability for newly created parts to 20% (This is to accompany Chassis changes)
    • Increased initial redzone for newly created parts to 30% (This is to accompany Chassis changes)
    • Increased the costs of Refueling and Pitcrew to £50,000 (combined total)
    • Increase the cost of Performance tyres from 10,000 to 100,000 and Endurance tyres from 8500 to 10,000.
    • Increased the costs of the type of Tyres from 5000 - 25,000 to 10,000 - 300,000 to add some rule diversity.
    • Increased the retirement rate of 0% condition of non-aerodynamic parts to 90% from 50%
    • Increased the amount of tweets visible after a session (2-4 to 6-8)
    • Increased time to repare the car to 24 hours - 120 hours.
    • Changed the race play speeds to 1.5x, 7.5x ,15x
    • Increase camera zoom (thank's to Coops).
    Changed Design Centre array so that each level of the design centre now reduces the time to build by 1 day.
    • Changed weekly increase relationships from 2% to 0.5%, and Good Race Relationship from 15% to 2.5%
    • Changed RaceManagementStatMaxChange to 0.2 from 0.5 to slow down the statistic change.
    • Decreased Loyalty and Finance Stat growth from 0.05 per week to 0.02 and 0.03 respectively per week.
    Political System
    • Changed the number of GMA proposed rule changes has been increased from 4 to 8.
    • Improved reserve driver bonusImprovementAmount from 2 to 4, meaning the reserve driver accelerates his growth.
    Race Director
    • Changed yellow flag duration to 50-120s.
    • Changed rear wing to suspension dam
    • Changed the Base Scouting Slots from 3 to 1.
    • Set spins to decrease as a race goes on
    • Let lock ups occur during the latter parts of the race
    • raised spin and crash thrsholds
    • Increase the impoerance of Focus and Fitness to increase the lockups and spins.
    • Decreased the importance of rain for lockups and spins.
    • Reverted the AI's pit strategy to prevent +1 minute pitstops (unless the car is litterally breaking down entirely).
    • Changed the TeamMarketability equation. to include Team Stars.
    • Added in time cost for cold tyres and additional wear for hot tyres
    Tyre Sets
    • Added some randomess to tyre blanket effectivness
    • Added some puncture stuff.
    • Introduced a new time cost for the cars when the track is low on grip.
    • Changed the TeamMarketability equation. to include Team Stars.
    • Reduced visibility of weather down to 1/20th of race distance when no forecast center is built. Visibility is then set to 5/20, 10/20 and 15/20 of the race for each level of the forecast center.
    - to all that helped me with the coding of this mod. :)
    - Mighty Twix, Schweini, Brian and Margherita81 for testing the early versions of the mod and providing feedback.
    - Beynasuh for testing and mass Intel gathering.
    - Hudson for some tweaks to the Assembly file and showing me how to use Reflexi. Thanks dude.
    - Brian for his work with the Endurance mode, and the new personality traits.
    - Coops for his small camera hack! Now the Injector can go and retire on a beach.


    Made the Factory less overpowered
    I have decreased the number of staff available at level 2, 3 and 4. This is because Factory 2 was far too powerful, and factory 3 was so powerful that factory 4 isn't worth the investment. This is particulary true in this mod where spending more on the chassis raises base reliability above the vanilla game.

    Spins are a thing!
    Your driver can now spinout! This can cause some interesting problems, including a massive chain reaction of chaos if the spin is in a lead car and several are following closely. Cars further back can react and avoid the spinning car, but those close by might not be so lucky

    Suspension damage in collisions
    Rear wings are very rarely damaged, so now suspension is damaged instead. I am interested in developing this further by adding some "randomness" to if a part is damaged and what part - but that will have to wait until a future update.

    Marketability Adjustment
    The Total Marketability is now a new rule...

    So now the team will massively be more marketabile and appealing to sponsor, the better they are doing.

    Random Total Part Failures
    In the vanilla game, a component will only ever cause you to retire if you let it's condition drop to 0 - relatively easy to manage. But there is now a new reason why your car may retire: Even if you have a 100% reliability based part... it has a tiny tiny percentage to just completely fail. This is to mimic the 'completely unexpected' failures - nothing you can do about it.

    Randomised Conditon Loss events

    If anyone counts, there is exactly 10 occurances of the condition loss that happens through a race. This tweak means that anywhere between 8 to 12 tic of condition loss will occur.

    Randomised Political Vote Numbers
    In the vanilla game, there was exactly 4 votes per season. In my previous builds, there has been 8, and more recently 6 when the addition of a player vote option became available. Now, there is a random number of vote to occur in any season (3-8) resulting in some seasons having more political events then others.

    Punctures occurring when low on tread
    As opposed to 60 seconds after 0% tread left, you may now find a puncture when tread is low and some other conditions are met.

    When exiting the pits, the tyres will be cooler then normal
    It may be random, at either each pitstop or at different race venues - depending if the game rolls this random trigger before the race or during.

    Change of start of Chairman season objectives.
    No longer can you choose to finish below you previous season's constrcutors championship position! The chairman now demands that you maintain the position or improve!Also, no longer can you choose to finish 10th! Relegation is not an option!

    Tweaked the Lockup/Spins/Crashes System
    • Set spins to take longer to occur as the race goes on.
    • Allowed lockup to occur more during the whole race (where they previously reduced as the race goes on)
    • Raised the Spin and Crash Thresholds.
    • Increased the importance of a drivers' Focus and Fitness stats to increase / decrease the locks and spins chances.
    • Decreased the importance of rain slightly (as lockups and spins are far too abundant in the rain)
    Tweaks on the Performance vs Critical Part ratios.
    In the vanilla game, the car performance point total is king. In previous versions of this mod, having the best critical parts was king. This has been tweaked that both are now important (and the ratios vary depending on the series type). Work out the best way to build your cars.

    Dilemma and interview tweaks - including a minor dll tweak.
    As part of an ongoing project, a number of interview tweaks have been added to enable the (possibility) of different interviews spawning. It has also got some re-balanced and new custom preseason dilemmas and normal dilemmas. Please let me know if something isn't spawning correctly - as this is the WIP file and will be expended upon in future updates.

    Tyre Temperature Matters (and not just the extremes),

    Tyre temperatures use to do nothing unless you were at the maximum or minimum. Anything in between did nothing.... Now Cold tyres will wear less then normal, but will also have less grip, increasing laptime. Meanwhile, Hot tyres will be all warm and rubbery so have more grip available, decreasing laptime.But they will also wear at an increased rate.
    Managing your tyre temperatures is now more important then ever, and is a new variable for you to be concourse of during the race.

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