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MotorSport Manager Balance Mod (Part 1) 1.2h - Fixed (2)

With Difficulty Customization

  1. TheFlamingRed

    The Flaming Red's

    Motorsport Manager Balance Mod

    With Difficulty Customization.

    This mod is split into two main sections: Asset file and Assembly File

    You need all three parts!
    Part 1: Asset File (1/2)
    Part 2: Asset File (2/2)
    Part 3: Assembly File (1/1)

    Part x: Injector Files (1/1) - Obsolete. Download return to normal +0 or -1 Days from vanilla.

    Unrar these three parts (part 1+2 need to be unrared together)
    Read the ReadMe.txt for further instructions

    Developmental Thread:


    If you have the 10th best car on the grid, your final finishing position is going to be an estimated 16-20th. You should no longer be able to hire drivers who will completely outperform the car by ridiculous levels (Yes! I'm looking at you Rafeal Rodrigues!). Nor will you be able to get Archer promoted in season 1!

    While the player will now develop increased development costs in APSC (x1.2) and WMC (x1.6), the AI will have their development costs reduced by 80% over all series (effectively total costs of 20%, 24% and 32% in each tier respectively).

    This frees up the AI's money for sustained development, better chassis choices, better drivers and HQ development. This should decrease the chances that the AI becomes 'bankrupt' and stops developing altogether. Overall, this helps the AI be less bad with their money.

    The chassis stats will now have secondary effects in regard to the makeup of your car.
    • Tyre Wear to become "Component Wear"
      This will now effect the base RedZone (vanilla 20%) when developing parts. It will go from having 30% Redzone (0* Chassis) to 10% Redzone (5* Chassis)
    • Heat Management to become "Vehicle Stability"
      This will now effect the base Reliability (vanilla 40%) when developing parts. It will go from having 20% Reliability (0* Chassis) to 60% Reliability (5* Chassis)
    • Fuel Efficiency is to become "Performance Efficiency"
      This will raise the BaseStat when developing a new part. This ranges from +0 (0* Chassis) to a +25 (5* Chassis)
    • Improvability becomes "Improvability"
      This does the same thing that it does originally, just better. By default, it increased the max performance (0-20) of a newly created part. This has now been increased to 0-50.
    • The Component Improvement based from Designer Stats has been increased by x3 making a good designer very important.
    Note: Tooltip of the Performance Breakdown is no longer correct as the graphics were not designed to have these different values take place. I cannot change the 'names' of these things chassis areas yet - or their tooltips - I simply cannot find them. If you know where they're located, let me know and I can fix this. May need an artist to fix this. Currently deemed as a 'coding limitation'. In terms of "Numbers" this feature is fully working!

    In your first season, and any season which you change teams, both you and the AI get a "+35 Performance Boost" on the base stat of new parts. This represents the player bringing his "Expert Knowledge" to a new team.

    On your second season with a team (after you have built a chassis) the player gets a "-5% Performance Decay" on the base stat of new parts (meanwhile the AI will continue to get their +35 bonus).

    How this changes the Balance

    • The AI is in a stronger position when it comes to developing their car, the player is now in a weaker position when it comes to developing their car.
    • Progression will now be slower. The Player must now develop lots of new parts to (1) Overcome the PLAYER DECAY and make performance progress. (2) Overcome the TECH BONUS for the AI. (3) Overcome the original increase in performance the AI develops.
    • Progression will be much slower the further away from the ‘performance reset event’ you get.
    • The AI may now actually be able to outpace you in development!!! Being the top team in a league will be very difficult over time – giving you more challenge as you hope to defend your championships while no longer having the best car!
    • ERS/ASPC/WMC are basically ‘Difficulty levels’ because the Decay amount increases with each league. WMC now being an actual CUT-THROAT CHALLENGING league, (as it should be!)
    • HQ Performance buildings now actually mean something in lower tiers – and are essential for the player in WMC!
    • In the first season with a new team, when you're getting the "Expert Knowledge Boost", it is essential the player takes as much advantage as they can, for things will only get harder from there on. This also actually encourages players to join other teams, to give that new team a years advantage of Expert Knowledge.

    You can now choose your own difficulty, which will impact how quickly / slowly your team will progress. This changes the value of the "-5% Performance Decay" from the above feature and changes it to:
    • Very Easy (-0.0%)
    • Easy (-2.5%)
    • Normal (-5.0%)
    • Challenging (-7.5%)
    • Troublesome (-10.0%)
    There are a number of smaller changes. These include:
    • Increased the impact of Drivers personality traits.
    • Adding a Progress vs Reliability problem where each component slot used on a new part creates a +10 Redzone to the part.(excludes Risky parts, designer parts, parts which already modify redzone or reliability).
    • Increase the upper bound of number of crashes available.
    • Increase the duration of Safety Cars, Virtual Saftey Cars and Yellow Flag events.
    • Increased reserve driver stat boosts.
    • Increase the number of topics to vote on per season.
    • Reduce the amount of scouting slots available.
    • Reduce the amount of forecast you can see.
    • Below is the full changelog from vanilla if you wish to know the precise changes made.
    • Interviews now work!
    Change-log from vanilla


    (1) - Decided to let the Road Car Factory be unlocked at Design Level 3 (instead of 4). Means the upper tier AI can build it sooner and have better finances. Especially useful if you are a tier 3 team, as Tier 1 teams will begin to work on this far sooner then you can, and as such, will create more of a cap to the player once he reaches tier 3.
    (2) -The Telemetry Centre and Simulator now depend on the Staff Housing level 2 (instead of just design and factory) - Encourages Players to build this building, as it otherwise only used for stat improvement of drivers - nearly useless in the vanilla game.

    (1) Changed prizemoney to 100, 200, 400 (from 125,250,500) for each tier. There was always a bit too much spare money floating around - the better teams won't be too effected by this change because...

    (1) Have been adjusted to make sense in context of where you finish.

    (1) - I changed the Merit Payments to be more severe. (e.g., Tier 3 equal 1st/10th = 10M/10M - Standard 1st/10th = 12M/8M, High 1st/10th = 14M/6M, Very High 1st/10th =16M/4M..... Originally 12M/8M was Very High) This means the better teams are in much better shape then lower teams based on the rule. This means that players who are stuck with lower teams will struggle more financially then those better teams - unless the rules favor the lower teams.
    (2) - Pit lane speeds 40 (from 50) and 80 (from 70) for the low / high pitlane split. - as so far I hadn't even notice this rule changed anything. Even now, it isn't very noticable
    (3) - Changed the top 5 points from 8,6,4,3,2 to 6,4,3,2,1 - because that seems far more normal!

    (4) - Changed the 12 allocated tyres option to now only have 9.

    (1) Increased the cost of newly designed parts in APSC by 1.2x and in WMC by 1.6x.

    Simulation Settings
    (1) Changed Short Qualify from 8 minutes to 5 minutes to make it a one shot qualifying. Change Medium Qualifying from 10 minutes to 12 minutes. Changed Long Qualifying from 12 Minutes to 18 minutes, to ensure that all cars can get in a good lap.

    Personality Traits
    (1) Increased the Duration of (many) temporary effects. Times have now been randomised between a minimum and maximum.
    (2) Increased the Buff / Debuff stength of many effects. This makes the characters more impactful. Now if a driver has a bad neck, it will last longer and the stats are far worse - meaning that it's a real debate to leave him driving or bring in a reserve. Additionally, Relationship / Moral debuffs will now really unsettle a driver, whereas before, they were minor inconviences. In short, the drivers now have more 'life'

    Car Part Components
    (1) Added a default +10 Redzone area to all design 'slots' of a part (excluding the Desgner only slots, Exluding Risky Parts. This added redzone is NOT mentioned on the slot themselves but are defiantly included on the display on the RHS). This is only added to parts that do NOT specify any Redzone change or reliability change as part of their original form. This means, the more you develop a part in a season, the larger the redzone will be, and thus, the more variance of unreliability it will have. Teams that do not produce many upgrades will have better reliability as their redzone will be at the standard 20% - but will not be advancing their technology. Teams pushing the development of their new parts will be making technological progress in the long term, but will suffer from higher reliability problems during the current season.

    (1) Decreased the pre-season chassis dilemmas from a +1 Star to a +0.5 star, as this was overpowered in regards to cost efficiency.

    Part Supplies
    (1) Increased a large number of chassis 'discounts' for certain teams from certain chassis manufactors.
    (2) Change the maximum base stat for engines to be equal per tier, so some years the Steinman is the best engine, other years the Hammer may be. The minimum values have not been changed.

    Player Default
    Lowered initial player Race Management, Loyalty and Finance stats from 10, 10, 10 to 2, 2, 2.

    (1) Decreased the performance gap for all parts. This makes Average Car Performance Parts have less impact so neither the AI or Player can run away having the best car.
    (2) Increased Critical Part performance spread. This is to increase the importance of car performance, spreading the gaps between poor, average and good cars. . This should make it that even Rodrigues will not be able to win every race in poor cars.
    (3) decreased wear of Push and Attack, and also increasing the speed bonus of Push and Attack, all for the AI's benefit - the AI use these too much originally, destroying their tyres too much for it to be of benefit. This allows them some forgiveness and allows the player to also benefit from pushing and attacking more. (reintroduced in 1.2e-f)
    (4) Increased the change setup time delay to prevent players from continually coming in on their outlap to refine the setup quickly. Now it's better to run a stint and take note of the radio messages. Feedback is now more important too to make up for this increased setup delay.


    AIBlueFlagBehaviours - set the Blue flag to trigger when the car behind is 0.7s behind instead of 3s.

    AIRacingBehaviour - Decreased Comfort Zone to 0.2 - 0.85 from 0.5 - 0.85 so cars behind car run closer to cars in front.

    Crash Director - Increased the chances of (race ending) crashes occurring from the vanilla upper bound of 2. It will now be possible to have up to 5 crashes per race (though it's a low chance).

    Car Opinion- Increase the effect of negative moral a driver gets when he is unhappy with the car / his car compared to his teammate

    GameStatsConstants - Reduced Lower Funds Bound from -5,000,000 to -1,000,000. Reduced Scrutineering Chance from 15% to 5%. Reduced Promotion Parts Stats from x1 to x0.8

    GameStatsConstants - Reduced initial reliability for newly created parts to 20%. Increased initial redzone for newly created parts to 30%. This is to accompany changes found in the Assembly.

    GameStatsConstants - ncreased the costs of Refueling and Pitcrew to £50,000 when applicable. Increase the cost of Performance tyres from 10,000 to 100,000 and Endurance tyres from 8500 to 10,000. Increased the costs of the tye Tyres from 5000 - 25,000 to 50,000 - 250,000 to add some rule diversity.

    Player - ChangedRaceManagementStatMaxChange to 0.2 from 0.5 to slow down the statistic change. Decreased Loyalty and Finance Stat growth from 0.05 per week to 0.025 per week. (I can confirm the stat increases from these have been fixed, where it was once bugged in previous versions)

    Mechanic - Changed weekly increase relationships from 2% to 0.5%, and Good Race Relationship from 15% to 2.5%

    UIWeatherDropdownBarEntry - Reduced visibility of weather down to 1/20th of race distance when no forecast center is built. Visibility is then set to 5/20, 10/20 and 15/20 of the race for each level of the forecast center.

    GameTime - Changed the race play speeds to 1.5x, 5x ,10x

    ScoutingManager - Changed the Base Scouting Slots from 3 to 1.

    Political System - Changed the number of GMA proposed rule changes has been increased from 4 to 8.

    SessionStrategy - Implemented Hudson's fix for the AI retirement

    Team - Fixed the fanbase reducing when drivers exceed expectation.
    PersonalityTraitsSpecialCase - Fixed an issue where chaser was being activated when in P1 instead of P2.

    Driver - changed it so the moraleMaxSessionChange from 20 to 5
    Person - Improved reserve driver bonusImprovementAmount from 2 to 4
    Race Director - changed yellow flag duration to 30-120s.
    Crash Director - changed VSC time from 15-45s to 45s - 120s
    AISafetyCarBehaviour - changed duration of the safety car to be between 1-4 laps.
    GameStatConstants - increased the retirement rate of 0% condition of non-aerodynamic parts to 90% from 50%
    GameStatConstants - Increased the amount you can spend on a chassis, even if it puts you into the red.

    CarPartDesign - See the above section for major game mechanics changes:

    Injector (Obsolete)
    [*]Changed Ex-Engineering Trait from -1 Days per part designed to +Y Days per part design. This Penalty will offset the players ability to out pace the AI when it comes to developing the car - something the AI isn't best at. You can change the number of days (1-20) at any time. Only needs to be 'Activated' once.

    Note: The Injector is now a little outdated and is no longer the key element of the mod. It's mostly unneeded. It is recommended returning to 0 or -1 days to update old save files to be balanced with the new features (a -2 is available if you want some extra leverage).

    - to all that helped me with the coding of this mod. :)
    - Mighty Twix, Schweini, Brian and Margherita81 for testing the early versions of the mod and providing feedback.
    - Hudson for some tweaks to the Assembly file and showing me how to use Reflexi. Thanks dude.

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