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MotoGP Track Importeur 0.45a

mod to enable all tracks from VRTG in Ride2

  1. ReZ
    This mod should allow you to drive all MotoGP tracks from VR46 The Game in Ride2.

    that would be :
    - 22 MotoGP Tracks
    - Misano Kartodromo forward + reverse
    - Misano Flattrack
    and the Motor Ranch

    - improved freecam with more freedom to move
    - more variety for Supermoto AI
    - unlocked Supermoto Tracks for all bikes
    - a little easter-egg for KTM drivers

    How to install :
    - backup your original game files
    - extract the gfxgem.mix,gfxpak2.mix, data.mix and mixfiles.lst into your Ride2 folder.
    - copy the *.mix files from your VRTG track folder into your Ride2 track folder.
    or use symlinks to save disc space :)
    -ingame scroll to the end of track selection. there you will find a trackgroup containing all the MotoGP tracks

    not working online - not compatible with my other mods :(
    (you can add the RallyCross tracks from now on, but use gfxgem.mix that comes with MotoGP Track Import)

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Recent Reviews

  1. defaltdobrasao
    Version: 0.45a
    awesome mod! just thank u!
  2. samuWEED
    Version: 0.43
    My game data is crash when I past this mod, ****ing ****... You know how can I recover my data? Thanks fot the other mods, but this is crashing my game.... :(
    1. ReZ
      Author's Response
      yeah sure ... i got more than 200 hours in Ride2 til now ... testing all my mods on my own game and did not manage to break my savegame once .
  3. Cu547
    Version: 0.43
    Tried it with MotoGP15 tracks as I don't have VR/16 and worked perfectly!
    Only minor issues, tracks aren't labelled and sometimes the vibration in the controller goes crazy for a bit, but other than that it's perfect. Excellent work! :)
    1. ReZ
      Author's Response
      nice to know MGP15 tracks also work, thx for the info and enjoy the game :)
  4. Thimoty Decrans
    Thimoty Decrans
    Version: 0.2
    i cant get this to work, ive used your previues tracks , but these i cant select, i cant get past the original tracks in the selection screen...
  5. caperez
    Version: 0.1
    Very nice mod , works fine in all tracks
  6. Charkx27
    Version: 0.1
    Really nice mods dude, but when i set up the bike on losail track, the game crash, i hope soon u will fix it.. :)