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MotoGp, Moto2 and Moto3 Real Performance and Q Lap Times 1.3.1

MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 Real Performance and Q Lap Times Mod

  1. Pole46
    MOD VR46TG

    In this mod motogp, moto2 and moto3 pilots performance and lap times has been improved.
    There are also corrected the weather conditions in all the tracks as in reality.

    Real performance means that there is more battle and challenge between the pilots and many riders fighting for the victory, in all three classes pilots are very aggressive, especially in moto3 races.

    In moto3 the qualifications are different one by one, a pilot can qualify first in a race and 13th race after for example.

    In moto2 the qualifications are different one by one, in the original file the first row is always Zarco-Lowes-Rins, and also in the race, but in this file there are 10 pilots that can make the pole position.

    MotoGPVR46X64 2016-07-29 10-29-22-73.jpg

    In motogp the qualifications has been improved over the original, now Marquez don't do always the pole, 7 pilots can do it.

    In moto3 slower riders in qualifying can qualify well (except the last 9 pilots of 35), sometimes remain in those positions, sometimes they lose positions especially in the final of the race. More than half the riders can win a race.

    In moto2 on the race there are 10/11 riders will compete for the victory to make the race more real and exciting. Obviously Zarco Lowes and Rins be the favourites, but often other riders will win the race (Luthi, Morbidelli...).

    In motogp medium pilots who qualify well, often maintain the pace in the race, as in reality. Medium-slow pilots instead, usually they lose some positions especially if they qualify in the first two rows.

    MotoGPVR46X64 2016-06-30 19-25-07-96.jpg

    Were also improved drivers like Migno, Di Giannantonio, Canet, Mir, Bagnaia, Navarro and were detuned Quartararo, Locatelli, Loi and others in Moto3.

    Were improved drivers like Luthi, Baldassarri, Nakagami, Aegerter, Marini, Salom... and were detuned Schrotter, Marquez A., Tonucci, Vazquez and others in Moto2.

    In motogp were improved a lot of pilots especially in the qualifyng like Barbera, Petrucci, Redding and so. In motogp wet race were detuned Suzuki pilots and Lorenzo, as in reality.

    There are nine drivers fighting for the title, the races aren't dominated by only Fenati and Binder in Moto3, instead in Moto2 there are seven pilots that fight for the title.

    In motogp Rossi-Marquez-Lorenzo fight for the title but Iannone-Dovizioso-Pedrosa-Vinales can win races, rare but not impossible other pilots can win a race often in tracks where there are hard corners like Sachsenring, P.I.; ...

    MotoGPVR46X64 2016-07-02 16-03-31-81.jpg

    The qualyfing lap times have been improved in Moto2 and Moto3, in MotoGP only Assen and RedBullRing (a little). In Moto2 and Moto3 the Q times have been improved at the 1% less, meaning that the pilots go faster than one second every 100 seconds.

    The Q lap times were improved on dry, wet and wet tracks also in Austria (Red Bull Ring).

    The Race lap times have been improved compared to original, but still not enough, also beacuse the default game has problems.

    To increase the difficulty in MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 i suggest you to use other mods that make the game better. (for example Physics Mod and other).

    MotoGPVR46X64 2016-07-29 10-48-48-57.jpg

    Guide to install:

    Winrar (for extract the files rar), Mixfile ReMixer (packing and unpacking the files), Editor File Bml (only if you want modify the bml files).

    There are two processes for install the mod.

    First Process

    1. Extract the BML files from archive WINRAR.

    2. Enter in the Extract Files section and extract the data.mix on game file location with Mixfile Remixer in a new directory.

    MotoGPVR46X64 2016-07-20 16-03-13-28.jpg

    3. In the directory, enter in Vehicles -> Ai and overwrite the SKILLSCATALOG file.
    Enter in DB and overwrite the DBIDEALTRACKSTIMES and DBWEEKENDS files.

    4. Enter in Create new mix file on Mixfile Remixer: reassemble the DATA file (not the subfolder, but the DATA folder) with the format SBK-X/V8 (MotoGP08 is wrong) and overwrite it in the original data.mix. The same data.mix that has been extracted at the start.

    Second Process*

    1. Extract the data.mix from archive WINRAR.

    2. Overwrite the data.mix of the game.

    *only with the first process you can combine mods, the second process is more easy, but worse.

    To edit BML files I used the application MGPBMLEditor by Dyego JhOu, to pack and unpack files I used the application Mixfile ReMixer by Le Mic, both are on the site available to download.

    MotoGPVR46X64 2016-07-27 17-43-55-25.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. IAmTheLegendITA
    Version: 1.2.1
    Very good mod, but with the rain in qualify the rider are too fast
  2. Xtra-Large22
    Version: 1.2
    great , this 1.2 sound really interesting now , time to test , thank you very much
  3. kikooOOoo
    Version: 1.1
    keep up the good work game's more fun now :D
  4. andh23
    Version: 1.0
    Improved racing and competition a lot for me. Would be good if the overall speed of the AI opponents could be increased a little bit. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to a MotoGP upgrade.
  5. Aljo_24
    Version: 1.0
    cant wait for moto gp! :) great job!