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More than 50 different sound files for Dirt Rally 1.22

New car sounds for dirt rally

  1. Dsasd
    52 new sound file mostly from dirt 3.

    Choose a car which sound you want to change Dirt > cars > models > example srs = Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 go to bundles rename the old audio file 4cyl_tb_cossie_dd.bdl to 4cyl_tb_cossie_dd.bdlOLD then choose new audio file from the folder and rename it to 4cyl_tb_cossie_dd.bdl

    U can find the car list here http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/dirt-rally-cars-tracks-folder-names-list.104727/

    Im not sure all of these even work beacose i haven't test them all yet ,and there is no way to tell which kinda sound it is ,so u have to test them separately.

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    Version: 1.22