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Mod AV F1 1994 For AMS 2016-04-14

Mods AMS,

  1. Marco Guerra


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Recent Reviews

  1. Franklin Silva
    Franklin Silva
    Version: 2016-04-14
    dream come true!! thank you!
  2. xSEBi92
    Version: 2016-04-14
    good quality mod! an update on ABS & TC and the mod would be a 5* :)
  3. still_guns
    Version: 2016-04-14
    Brakes lock up very easily. Also, wheels just spin uselessly and I had to adjust traction control manually. I shouldn't have to do that, it should be working out of the box.

    The quality of the vehicles is great however
  4. Marcos Santi
    Marcos Santi
    Version: 2016-04-14
    Helped me a lot Donizete, i did the same with ABS. Thank you.

    And thank you for all that worked in this mod. Great job.
  5. donizete
    Version: 2016-04-14
    Solution to the traction control problem, let's go.
    habra folders: Mod94-> GameData-> Vehicles-> F1_1994_F1SR
    find the file, 1994F1 in HDV format. Open the file by Notepad. get off the scroll bar, in the [CONTROLS] in the following lines replace the following values:
    TractionControlGrip = (1.00, 0.20), // average driven wheel grip multiplied by 1st number, Then added to 2nd
    TractionControlLevel = (00:35, 0.95) // effect of grip on throttle for low CT and high TC