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Metallica Black Album Skin For My Summer Car 1.0

Because the first one just wasn't good enough

  1. Juniorfan88
    Same as the previous skin I uploaded, 'car.png' goes into the 'Images' folder in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\My Summer Car\Images'
    Then select 'Custom Paint By Artist' at Fleetaris shop.

    Constructive Criticism is appreciated. Enjoy !!! ;)
    cce5c54875fe8d13e23f7d391384d3ae.jpg f678d630bd7add9c05d98cbaa2c323b5.jpg 54333411fd3ad9ec862293f102ccb86d.jpg 81f968d945b050fd7c4ce0a6aa8c7f73.jpg 01bebbc56ee0dbb5c0f4f012de734821.jpg 0ead5808a529d3e4dc12d7e47e84f3b8.jpg aea9b7483c184b0f03aca0cba298bdd0.jpg