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McLaren-Honda 2015 [FICTIONAL] 1.0

McLaren-Honda 2015 [FICTIONAL]

  1. Adrian Watermann
    McLaren-Honda 2015 Fantasy Livery
    by Adrian Watermann

    2015-01-04_00001.jpg 2015-01-04_00002.jpg 2015-01-04_00003.jpg 2015-01-04_00004.jpg
    I made this on the Original McLaren-Orange-Colorbase with fictional Sponsors.
    I don't editited the driver because there would be two Alonso in the grid and that wouldn't be nice.

    How to Install
    1. Extract the .rar-file to F1 2014 main folder.

    Right of each logo is located on each company.

    CC BY-NC

    Credits & Special Thanks
    SpecialThanks to Wilmer Chavez, author of F1 2014 Cars 3D Models For Photoshop