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MB 190 Evo2 - Mercedes-Martini-Racing 2015-09-22

fictional team livery in 5 color schemes

  1. schUPpor
    The plan was to create a Martini livery that could have been done in the time the car was racing in DTM and other leagues. I started with the white one and came across the other schemes during my work. In the end I could not decide for one theme only so I made it a package of all 5 color schemes... Really hope you like it!


Recent Reviews

  1. BlkJello
    Version: 2015-09-22
    Great skin pack! thanks abunch :)
  2. Henky SA
    Henky SA
    Version: 2015-09-22
    very cool skins! never thought Martini livery theme would fit on this car.
  3. jerry090460
    Version: 2015-09-22
    Cool skins pack , thanks ! :)