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Max Verstappen Mod v2.0

Max Verstappen Scuderia Toro Rosso, new livery, helmet, menu, text, career helmet, garage etc.

  1. RallyGamer
    F1 2014 - Max Verstappen Mod v2.0

    Max Verstappen Mod v2.0 replaces/updates/adds:

    general: The mod in general replaces the driver Daniil Kvyat with Max Verstappen
    livery: Daniil Kvyat´s livery is updated with Max Verstappen name and number 38.
    garage: Daniil Kvyat´s garage is updated with number 38.
    character: Daniil Kvyat´s images and helmet images replaced with Max Verstappen images.
    helmet: Daniil Kvyat´s helmet is replaced by a fictional Max Verstappen helmet.
    clothes: Daniil Kvyat´s clothes are updated with Max Verstappen names and Dutch flag.
    menu/game images: All Daniil Kvyat´s images are replaced with Max Verstappen images.
    ingame text/names: All Danill Kvyat´s names and abbreviations are replaced with Max Verstappen names/abbreviations in menu, race results etc.
    career helmet: Fictional Max Verstappen career helmet with new image added (career helmet #38 is replaced)
    language: The mod is available in all 8 original languages that in the game exist.
    other: dutch flag next to name Max Verstappen in race results etc.

    More info and Installation guide can be found inside the download or on my website (also extra images):

    f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_01.jpg f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_02.jpg f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_04.jpg f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_05.jpg f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_07.jpg f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_08.jpg f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_09.jpg f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_10.jpg f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_14.jpg f12014_toro_rosso_verstappen_screenshot_15.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. 03021970
    Version: v2.0
    It's great! F1 to the MAX! ;)
  2. Ngues
    Version: v2.0
    Thank you for work.
    But I'd like to know is possible to add another team that's it for 23 cars?
  3. bonnejv
    Version: v2.0
    YES! Finally a Dutch F1 driver in F1 2014. Great work!
  4. RicciardoFASTERTHANVettel
    Version: v1.0
    How is this livery different?
  5. lightcruiser
    Version: v1.0