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Marcas Minor Sound Mod v1.0 1.0

Minor Sound Improvements for Marcas cars in GSCE.

  1. poet
    GSCE Marcas - Minor Sound Mod by Poet

    Love the cars, not a fan of the Wasp-in-a-Jar sounds. :)

    Changes to Reiza Marcas samples:

    Lowered pitch,
    boosted bass to low mids,
    cut some high mids,
    slight amplification (minor clipping to add a little grit to the sound).

    Replace files in ...GSCE\Gamedata\Sounds\Marcas

    All contents Copyright Reiza Studios.

Recent Reviews

  1. cebeuno
    Version: 1.0
    Actually I found it too "minor" ...but good work!
    If someday you make one "Higher", I'll try to replace the original.
    Thank you and sry my bad english.