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Lamborghini F1 Skin 1.0

The Lamborghini F1 Skin replacing Ferrari.

  1. Redhach
    Hi there,

    This is the Lamborghini F1 skin I have been working on. I also intended to make helmets and stuff, but i really donĀ“t know how to. If anyone could help me leave down a comment in the commentsection please?

    The skin is based on the Minardi Lamborghini f1 m 191 from 1992 and is made in memory of the 1991 Modena Team SpA racing team. I hope you all enjoy the mod very much and let me know when there is something wrong with the skin.


    1. Schermopname (4).png
    2. Schermopname (5).png
    3. Schermopname (10).png
    4. Schermopname (11).png
    5. Schermopname (15).png
    6. Schermopname (17).png
    7. Schermopname (20).png
    8. Schermopname (23).png
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    Dmitry Sorokin
    Version: 1.0
    Well done! Thank you!
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    Version: 1.0