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Klaas’ Economy Mod 1.1.4

ATS Economy mod by Klaas

  1. syncmaster
    Klaas Economy Mod.png
    This mod is made to avoid the boring situation starting with level 20, when you will have so much income that playing the game will not have the same charm as working in-game weeks to be able to buy a truck.

    Inspired by reality, although not sure about their accuracy.
    A minimum of ~0.60$/mile for a jobs is pretty funny considering the default value >10$/mile.

    With this mod, you will still be careful with cops even if fines are small, so is the income.

    You will be careful with fuel consumption, and a garage refuel will be more important as you will save money.

    • Car crash fine probability set to 0.7
    • Red lights fine probability set to 0.7