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Kissmyrank - Local Driver Rating Plugin 0.1a

A self consistent driver rating plugin that can be used to auto-admin public servers

  1. Brioche
    Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa Server Plugin
    Version: 0.1a Beta
    Author: Brioche (Assetto Corsa Forum)
    Free use and redistribution. No warranty. Experimental stuff (it could bug you more than your girlfriend). Use at your own risk.
    This plugin runs locally and doesn't need any remote master server to operate.
    There are no requirements at all except having an Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server. All the data is saved on the folder where you run the plugin and the only connection required is the one with the Assetto Corsa dedicated server.
    This is a simple self-consistent server driver rating plugin meant to promote knowledge of the gentlemen drivers' driving etiquette.

    It does this:
    1) By kicking lapped drivers that ignore blue flags during the race for a prolonged time.
    2) By kicking drivers that block hotlapping drivers when they are in the qualification outlap.
    3) By kicking drivers that are involved in too many collisions (per session and general blocking).
    4) By subtracting reputation points from drivers that are involved in collisions.
    5) By subtracting one additional reputation point to the drivers that are involved in the first collision of the race.
    6) By rewarding people that manage to qualify in the top 3 (when enough players are on the server).
    7) By rewarding people that finish the race.
    8) By rewarding people that improve over their qualifying position without touching the cars they pass.

    This plugin doesn't do any kind of accident analysis. Reputation points are subtracted to all players involved in a collision except the following case:
    a) collision between a lapping car and a lapped car is always blamed on the lapped car
    b) collision between a car in the outlap and an hotlapping car is always blamed on the car in the outlap

    Additional features:
    - It automatically restarts the sessions if too many collisions occur during the first lap of the race.
    - It skips race if there is less than two players at the beginning of the race.
    - Pole announcement.
    - Race winner announcement.
    - First accident shame announcement.
    Extract files to any path
    Edit config.json and:
    1) set "ac_server_plugin_local_port" to the value that you set in the Assetto Corsa server_cfg.ini under UDP_PLUGIN_LOCAL_PORT (e.g for UDP_PLUGIN_LOCAL_PORT=8004 set it to 8004).
    2) set "ac_server_plugin_address_port" according to the value that you set in server_cfg.ini for UDP_PLUGIN_ADDRESS (e.g for UDP_PLUGIN_ADDRESS= set the "ac_server_plugin_address_port" to 12000). Please note that the IP that you should use in the server_cfg.ini is the one of the machine where you run ac_kissmyrank binary.
    3) set "ac_server_ip" to the IP address of your Assetto Corsa Server (please ensure that you use the same interface that you used for the plugin).
    4) set "max_players" according to the number of slots on your server.
    Just launch the binary.
    You can type in the console. The available commands are:
    next_session: skips to next session
    restart_session: restart the current session
    clear: clears the console (might not work under Linux)
    say text: broadcast "text" to all
    list_players: gives a list of the online players (car_id:name:guid)
    player_name id: returns the player name associated with the slot number
    kick id: kicks the player associated with the slot number
    exit: quits and saves the stats
    - This plugin makes a very rough estimate of the track length. I recommend you edit the tracks.json file with the proper track length in meters and restart the plugin.
    - The proper way to quit (so that all the data is saved) is typing "exit" in the console.
    - Since the plugin doesn't perform any kind of accident analysis it can occasionally happen that good drivers get penalized for accidents they didn't cause. However good drivers are likely to finish races and thus they can easily make up for the point loss while the bad ones get quickly kicked. While I can't guarantee that this will work, I tested this plugin over a period of time and it proved effective to promote the right behavior.
    - I only tested this under Windows but in theory it should run fine on the other platforms too.
    - Under Windows please be sure that Windows Firewall allows incoming connections to the plugin (required to communicate with the Assetto Corsa dedicated server).
    - Ranks are saved to rank.json (it will be created the first time stats needs to be saved). You can edit the file and restart the plugin to unban a certain player.
    Single platform downloads: http://www.mediafire.com/?f7tn4k7zgog1b
    v0.1 Fixed an issue with ranks not saving on exit. Updated configuration entries.
    v0.1a New list_players command. Added console logging for pole and race winner.
    Good Luck!