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Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa Multiplayer Launcher Mod 0.1b

Adds support for Track Rotation and Join Queue.

  1. Brioche
    Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa Multiplayer Launcher Mod
    Version: 0.1b BETA
    Author: Brioche
    Click, click, click, click... our favorite car on our favorite server is taken, we've all been there... I destroyed 6 mouses on that darn refresh button (just kidding).
    Fear no more, with the Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa Multiplayer Launcher Mod you'll automatically join as soon as a slot opens up (fill the access key near the question mark if the server is running the Kissmyrank Plugin and you have a reserved slot on the server).
    The Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa Multiplayer Launcher Mod also adds support for the Kissmyrank Plugin Track Rotation so that you will automatically load the new track as soon as the server track changes.
    This will save you from the boredom of playing the same track till your hairs are too grey not to wear a hat (and you know what hats turn drivers into...).
    Free use and redistribution. No warranty. Experimental stuff (it could bug you more than your girlfriend). Use at your own risk. Modification of the code requires the author's permission.
    Assetto Corsa Simulator installed on the PC.
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?f7tn4k7zgog1b
    Extract the package to Documents\Assetto Corsa\Themes\
    Launch Assetto Corsa and enable the Kissmyrank Mod in the General Options.
    How it works:
    1) Join Queue
    This plugin simply changes the server join button.
    If you hover the mouse over a locked slot it will unlock.
    When you select a car that currently has no slots and you try to join, the Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa Multiplayer Launcher Mod will contact the Kissmyrank Master server and put you in the queue.
    As soon as the slot will open up you will join the server.
    This reduces the stress on the AC server and also saves your time.
    If the server is running the Kissmyrank plugin and you have a reserved slot, fill your Access Key near the question mark to join.
    2) Track Rotation
    When the Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa Server plugin changes the track it will announce the track change to the Kissmyrank Master Server.
    When you're booted from the server the Kissmyrank Master Server will inform your Assetto Corsa Game Client which will join the server again for a uninterrupted playing experience.
    This feature requires the Kissmyrank Assetto Corsa UDP Plugin installed on the server side with properly configured track rotation.

    v0.1a Added icons for the Kissmyrank Join and Cancel button.
    v0.1b Added support for Kissmyrank Plugin Reserved Slots.
    Have fun!