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Kevin Magnussen McLaren 1.1

Kevin Magnussen replaced Sergio Perez at McLaren

  1. BottasFan
    This Mod replaced Sergio Perez with Kevin Magnussen by McLaren
    And please Back-up your files
    The language file is in german, so you have to rename this file to language_eng or your nationality :)
    And sorry for my English
    Based on v1teks Kevin Magnussen Helmet


    1. 2013-12-13_00018.jpg
    2. 2013-12-13_00019.jpg
    3. 2013-12-13_00017.jpg
    4. 2013-12-12_00004.jpg
    5. 2013-12-12_00009.jpg
    6. 2013-12-12_00002.jpg
    7. 2013-12-12_00007.jpg