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KennyBarroz SweetFX 1.5.1 MOD 1

SweetFX MotoGP14

  1. KennyBarroz
    Hi Guys! So this is my first attempt on sharing my personal SweetFX Preset. I run Windows7 64bit and this works just perfect. I don't think it will work running the 32bit game except if you you use the 32bit DLL files from SweetFX 1.5.1 source.

    Just simply extract the content to the MotoGP14 folder. (Steam\SteamApps\common\MotoGP14)

    The game becomes much more alive with these settings and does not bring down the performance (as far as i can tell)

    I hope you will enjoy it!

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Recent Reviews

  1. MaskyHeat
    Version: 1
    Changed my mind...
    reason: insert the proper credits like the injector's owner & reason why you use the same SweetFX that i use on my V1 SFX
    1. KennyBarroz
      Author's Response
      Sorry but i dont understand what you mean?
      I downloaded SweetFX 1.5.1 and used similar settings like they use on a BF4 Preset. As i mentioned in the description, this is my personal preset?