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K&N Racing 2016-04-10

Dodge Challenger STR8 Race - K&N Racing

  1. Scott Vincent
    Hi Everyone,

    Team Name: K&N Racing
    Driver Name: Scott Vincent & Colin Vincent

    Upload skin for the Muscle Club class.
    My design is a fictional skin holding the number 22 (I have checked and there is no number 22 on the vanilla cars).

    Driver is also skinned to fit with the car design.

    Place folder into: Documents > SimBin > RACE 07 > CustomSkins.



    1. Road America - Dodge Challenger STR8 Race 1.jpg
    2. Road America - Dodge Challenger STR8 Race 2.jpg
    3. Road America - Dodge Challenger STR8 Race 3.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. SVP Skins
    SVP Skins
    Version: 2016-04-10
    Very nice looking skin, thank you
    1. Scott Vincent
      Author's Response
      Thank you, enjoy!