• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Jordan F1 Fantasy skin 2.0

A reskin and responsor for the Force-India F1 team

  1. kcinnay2
    Well here is the first big update sadly I haven't changed the driver suits etc. but im on it trust me ! Anyways the "big" update is that i changed from Sauber F1 to Force-India F1 thats because apparently Jordan became Force-India so it would be fitting to use this team. I kept away from real live liverys and tried to create my own which I think worked out quiet well. Of course I used the real sponsors etc. so there are at least parallels to the team
    20161116174113_1.jpg 20161116174121_1.jpg 20161116174129_1.jpg 20161116174135_1.jpg 20161116174138_1.jpg 20161116174225_1.jpg
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