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Japanese & American License Plates v. 1.2

New plates for the Satsuma, resized to look like the proper ones.

  1. MartyTheGamer
    This mod changes the model and textures of the license plates of the Satsuma and Hayosiko to Japanese or American ones.


    Update 14.5.2017
    - Redone mod. License plates should now look correct on all vehicles.

    How to install:

    1. Place one of the two installers in the game's main directory. (Most often Steam/steamapps/common/My Summer Car)
    2. Run installer

    This mod is compatible with the 20.06.2017 release of My Summer Car. It is NOT compatible with the experimental beta patch.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Looperpunk
    Version: v. 1.2
  2. SecondGear
    Version: 1.0
    Could you make a British Square one in the future?
    1. MartyTheGamer
      Author's Response
      I might make a European license plate version too. But for British plates I have to figure out how to make the back one yellow, since they both share one texture.