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Jaguar XJ13 0.97

60's prototype which was aimed to take down GT40s

  1. mantasisg
    Jaguar XJ13 prototype



    This is virtual recreation of Jaguar XJ13, car which could have raced at Le Mans 1967. Unfortunately it didn't happen.

    In 1971 car was being filmed for E-type commercial. Being driven by Jaguar test driver Norman Dewis it heavily crashed at highspeed. Dewis walked away unhurt. Car body was destroyed.

    In 1973 car was rebuilt. Apart from few changes, like fender "brows", it was the same. This mod currently represents rebuilt body.


    The Team:

    @aphidgod - physics
    @iRider5 - sounds
    @iVG - official test driver
    @NightEye87 - skins
    @mantasisg - model and test driving

    Special thanks (community members of official AC forum):

    @Dauntless - for multiple and very valuable help
    @Stereo - for multiple help, faces textures
    @stuka - for doing tires normal map, helping with tires and steering badge
    @DrDoomsLab - for helping with driver animation
    @AlBahner - who suggested me to start it (suggesting to go for a cup at first, but gone for a car lol). Thank you, you really motivated me :)
    @Nahkamarakatti - for very valuable test driving
    @Seria17hri11er - for all sorts of things - from test driving, to helping with shaders and a lot of motivation
    @Sovers - for helping with textures
    @LilSki - for valuable test driving
    @nighteye - for valuable test driving

    This project wouldn't have been possible without Neville Swales, director and owner of "Building the Legend" project (visit ww.xj13.eu). Also the book "XJ13 - The definitive story of the Jaguar Le Mans Car" by Peter Wilson. Thank you.

    And of course our lovely simulation software - Assetto Corsa. Thank you Kunos Simulazioni, for your awesome software and brilliant modding support.

    I want to thank these people as well:

    @Julien Schaffo
    @Deswribilator thanks for a video
    @Rolf_Kazamba thanks for pictures

    And finally thank you for all the good words and all the likes, these things and all the help kept me motivated.

    Known issues:

    This is second release of my first model, and it still can improve. How much ? It really depends on your feedback, and interest in this car :)

    1. Issues pointed out by the feedback from you :)
    2. Damage and dirt
    3. Animations. Doors, throttle links, engine bonnet.

    I'm not going to rush final release. I'd like to collect good knowledge of issues and gain more skill and apply it then. Maybe I'll start to do next car at this moment for that reason.

    The team hopes that you will like the car, we sure think it has incredible physics and nice sounds.

    Feel free to comment

    You also can find a thread here: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/jaguar-xj13-1967-w-i-p.122728/

    If you really like the car, and would like to support me. I would appreciate it a lot, also it would motivate me a lot. Here is a donation button :)





    1. preview.jpg
    2. preview_original.jpg
    3. preview_originall.jpg
    4. Screenshot_jaguar_xj13_imola_8-8-116-23-50-31.jpg
    5. Screenshot_jaguar_xj13_ks_nordschleife_3-9-116-0-57-56.jpg
    6. Screenshot_jaguar_xj13_ks_vallelunga_25-8-116-23-22-49.jpg
    7. Screenshot_jaguar_xj13_spa_25-8-116-21-54-20.jpg
    8. Showroom_jaguar_xj13_19-7-2016-22-54-44.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ralle570
    Version: 0.97
    nice british car thanks a lot
  2. Stratowarrior
    Version: 0.97
    First of all, this is probably one of the best and most detailled mods available for Assetto Corsa. The amount of work that went into making it did obviously pay off, this is an amazing recreation of a surely fascinating car.
    It also features the best soundtrack to any of the cars in this game! This should definately be part of the actual game, it is very high quality content!

    However there is one reason why I only give this 4 stars instead of 5:
    There seems to be a handling issue. Correct me if I am wrong and this is an actual representation of the real handling and I am just not capable of driving this car, then I am going to give it 5 stars anyways.

    The car tends to uncontrolable oversteer in some situations. When turning into a corner, also without applying any throttle or brakes, it can happen that the car rapidly oversteers. There is no way of correcting that oversteer, once it starts it always ends up making an almost 180 degree turn.
    It does not always happen, but certainly will at some point. I encountered this problem while racing on the historic Monza 1966 road circuit. I was barely able to finish one lap without crashing.
    I do not think that I am not able to handle the car. I can do steady laptimes in all other cars in the game, including the ingame rivals of the jagura XJ13, the Ford GT and LoLa. I have absolutely no problem racing these for hours around the track without crashing while going significantly faster than in the XJ13. That is why I believe this to be some sort of a handling issue with the car itself. Adjusting the brakes or the shockabsorbers made it slightly better but no real success.
    Maybe its just me not being able to drive the car, then I am sorry and will give it 5 stars anyways.

    This problem leaves the car somewhat undrivable for me although it so well made. Otherwise it would be 5 stars, our of question.
    1. mantasisg
      Author's Response
      Thanks for very nice and clear review :) Yeah I think we got rather far with mod, I'm actually happy with everything except the model heh

      But as there were quite a few complaints about this car being too punishing, aphidgod - the physics maker saw where it could improve, and made a physics tweak long time ago. Also made proper physics for earlier (pre-crash) version of the car.

      Personally I enjoyed the release physics a lot, because it really put me in the zone driving it, and could do multiple laps in Nordschleife without crashing, was difficult but enjoyable.

      The car is still a bit tricky under braking in curves, but not as much anymore. You will not have to do small corrections like you would be rallying on gravel. But if you'll go in the curve too fast, while not having the car set nicely you'll still spin. For example at Goodwood in No Name curve. It doesn't have any bit of wing on the rear end of the car, like other does, it's main puprose was to dominate top speed at Le Mans.

      It will never be on rails like 330P4 or Lola T70, but even that car gets upset under very heavy coasting and turning. I suppose it should be slightly more difficult to handle than GT40 in some situations. But it really is easier than GT40 mostly.

      So Aphidgod did a fix almost immediately after release, to what I call "theoretically best handling physics", and I refer current available physics as "practically average handling physics", or normal maybe. Something how it would be after 20hours of endurance racing maybe. But maybe I'm wrong about that.

      The reason it was not released yet was that I was hoping to go few extra miles with model, but I have been too busy. So I'll leave it to future.

      I'm planing to update it in a month. Please check it then :)
  3. themission2
    Version: 0.97
    PERFECT!!! THANX!!! ;-/)
  4. PaceBR
    Version: 0.97
    PapaCrazy's words says it all. Thank you for your time!
  5. PapaCrazy
    Version: 0.97
    Stunning exterior model. Convincing and immersive interior model. Handling that both rewards and punishes. An idle and throttle lift off burble that sounds like the bark of Cerberus.

    Accurate? Who knows. Character? In spades.
  6. Goose61
    Version: 0.97
    Excellent work!
  7. Emery
    Version: 0.97
    I've gone back & forth on 4 or 5 stars because beautiful, but handling isn't quite right. I've decided my opinion will camp in "too-tail-happy" since the AI can't do more than a handful of laps without crashing at Le Grand Circuit, the one circuit it should at least provide a good showing.
    1. mantasisg
      Author's Response
      Le Grand Circuit is a mod, so it most likely is a track issue. I'm a track modder too, so I know how hard is to make a proper AI for all cars. But the next update will have sligly less tail "happyness". And I have driving XJ13 in the LGC 1967 track, and it performs very well.
  8. NicoGTAF
    Version: 0.97
    I don't care if the mod is unfinished. This is simply the best car mod currently avaliable for AC. Cars of this era (and earlier) definitely deserve more recognition in a world of sim racing dominated by modern, boring stuff. I reckon that even I didn't know about its existance before trying this mod for the first time. For a lover of classic content like me this is a must have. It's very fun to drive, and more challenging than the vanilla cars of this class and period (GT40, 908 LH and 330 P4). The sound is superb, but I agree is probably a bit too loud in the cabin. The inclusion of the pre-crash version was an excellent decision, the car was even prettier by then. It surely adds a lot of variety on my track day sessions in Le Grand Circuit (aka classic Le Mans). I would suggest adapting the racing liveries of the post-crash version to the pre-crash one. But other than that, excellent mod.
    1. mantasisg
      Author's Response
      Thank as lot ! :) I also think that original body style is nicer, though both are very nice. Not going to do liveries for pre crash car, though simply color with gumbals and numbers would be nice. I hope we will do a tiny update for sound and physics soon.
  9. decipher
    Version: 0.97
    another top notch AC car mod that deserves recognition. looks and feel are great, excellent work!
  10. betterstranger
    Version: 0.97
    Brilliant stuff. In terms of phx, looks, sound. Drives brilliantly (obviously none of us can tell how true to real life physic is because none did or will ever drive it) as you would expect of 60s LMP car (and feels on par with GT40, 330 P4 from new FP and 908LH).
    Only 2 things needs fine tuning for me for a 0.97 - driver's hands animation - driver don't handle the feel perfectly well and more importantly - engine sound's volume level is a little bit too loud in comparision to 330 P4, GT40, 908LH and other AC cars - it should be just a little bit quieter.
    Otherwise it is great and sounds fantastic. What a car.
    Despite those 2 little thing a/m, that's a 5-star quality mod for me. Many thanks for your effort!!!
    1. mantasisg
      Author's Response
      Thank you ! :)

      I agree about driver animation, as a modeler bugs me a lot too. There are quite a few difficulties in terms of driver animations, I don't see myself improving it for the next update. I agree about the sound, I would also like to hear tires better, I will be reaching our sounds guy, I hope he will make this improvement. As for physics I'm really happy about them too, but there were a few guys who was quite harsh on them, so physics guy "perfected" them slightly, don't worry it will still be awesome, and demanding. Also proper physics set will come for "pre crash" version.
  11. derhildener
    Version: 0.97
  12. asehauDLM
    Version: 0.97
    Great car, thank you!
  13. Instevs36
    Version: 0.97
    Thank, as usual very good update
  14. A3DR
    Version: 0.97
    Totally deserves 5 stars, I don't get what the fuzz was all about, people complaining! this car is exactly what you'd expect and more, it's too fast for it's own good but also rewarding when pushed hard at the right spots.
    Keeps you on the edge at all times, so it requires the right amount of throttle and braking at the right spot or expect serious consequences :)
    Excellent work, glad to see how good it turned out from the beginning.
    1. mantasisg
      Author's Response
      Thanks you, Daniel, the kind words from you are very appreciated ! Yes I'm quite happy about the results too, would be happy to redo some stuff, but maybe some time in more distant future.

      Regarding the negativeness in some of the reviews which pops up frequently lately, I think it is some kind of trend because of available content for AC single mods seems to be starting to earn less appreciation and sometimes for weird reasons. Like when classic car doesn't meet their expectations of how it should handle which is quite abstract subject when they can not even back-up their opinions in proper way, and pushes the rock on the modders shoulders. Same goes with tracks, for example if the real one is bumpy, and you recreate it to be bumpy, then someone eventually will dislike that it is bumpy. And will just call it as an issue of the mod, and will disappear with the wind lol

      A bit demotivating, but I guess gotta get used to those new trends. :/
  15. gaby55
    Version: 0.97
    nice work
  16. ctz_de
    Version: 0.97
  17. Kasti
    Version: 0.97
    Excellent car. A hint for all people voting 3 stars cause of reasons like "too loud" or "not easy enough to drive":
    It´s an extreme ´67 race car build for Le Mans - with an aerodynamics with only one goal: Top Speed and nothing else
    It´can`t drive like a modern GT3 or LMP 1! You have to drive it, like it was usual in it`s time. It has zero downforce, a big powerfull engine, tires and brakes of the 60ties. So don`t force it in the curves while still braking, break earlier and do everything with much more sensivity and it will work.
    1. mantasisg
      Author's Response
      Thanks for support, Kasti :) No point proving them anything, I expect some more of theyr mafia any moment now. Yes it is an old powerful racecar, what to expect... also a prototype. Plus it becomes not so difficult after a little bit of practice. We can possibly cure it a bit, but it will always be this kind of a beast, not for trolls :D
  18. AnklaX
    Version: 0.97
    Needs a lot of work.
    braking is easier
    sound still very loud.
    FFB a little vague.
    1. mantasisg
      Author's Response
      please, trolls, go away
  19. Keith Gregg
    Keith Gregg
    Version: 0.97
    A good looking car but am I the only person here who thinks that this is a horrible car to drive?...I havent found it fun to drive on any circuit yet, even after turning up the FFB a ton to get some feeling into my wheel.
    1. mantasisg
      Author's Response
      Some cars are not for everyone... If you have slow reflexes and low skill then drive less demanding cars. If the car can go fast it doesn't mean that you have to go fast everywhere. We aren't going to tame the car for the rookies. Can you drive GT40 ? Sorry to hurt your ego, three stars is for you.
  20. soliver68
    Version: 0.97
    Very nice :D