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Ironbark Hills 0.4

Fictional Race Circuit

  1. millen
    Hello, this is the track I am currently working on in Race Track Builder.

    It's a fictional circuit based in central Victoria, Australia. The area of land that I grabbed from Google Earth data is actually a paddock that I drive past everyday on the way to work.

    I've called the circuit Ironbark Hills, as this area is very close to one of the largest Ironbark tree forests in the world, and is a very prominent tree in the area.

    Would love some feedback on what people think of the layout and track so far. ;)

    This is kind of my rough Changelog so far..

    0.2 Changelog:

    -Tweaked most corners, second sector is all new
    -Working track map (bit rough, but my first go)
    -Fixed grass on side of track acting like part of the race track and not grass.
    -Added possible alternate layout, but I think it will be scrapped.

    0.3 Changelog:

    -Fixed pitlane now nice and smooth on entry and exit
    -Redid Trackmap, still a couple of issues I had to Photoshop out.
    -Added more trackside objects, walls, kerbs, tyres
    -First try of a camera for Replay, Doesn't quite work. [​IMG]
    -Adjustments to Turn08
    -Added some elevation between turns 9 & 10
    -Adjusted lighting, should be more realistic now, and not perma-afternoon
    -Continued work on sculpting landscape
    -Most things that need to, will now cast Shadows
    -All walls and tyre walls are collidable
    -Kerbs work as Kerbs should
    -Continued work on Alternate Route

    0.4 Changelog:

    -Reprofiled turns 2,3,4 & 13, track flows more now
    -Made new pitlane, joins to main track should be smoother now
    -Reshaped the alternate route, much more user friendly
    -Added lots more trackside objects, walls, kerbs, grass, hay bales... still experimenting with those
    -Added proper sand traps on certain corners, once again still experimenting with these.
    -various other bits and pieces

    Still need to work out how Cameras work properly, I have a couple in there so far, but haven't had much luck getting them to work properly.

    Here are some images from within RTB...






    ...and a WIP track map...

    Thanks list so far:
    Brendon for RTB

Recent Reviews

  1. slidingwithstyle
    Version: 0.4
    This track is really nice to drive and once you've memorized the track, the blind corners are especially rewarding to drive.
    Definitely one of my favorite tracks! :)
    1. millen
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate. Hopefully I will be able to release an update in the future. I have run out of time lately, and waiting on seeing where RTB progresses from here before committing too much time...
  2. NightEye87
    Version: 0.4
    Very nice track layout. Lovely corners and nice flow.
    It could use some improvement on bringing the track alive some more. Track side objects, some bumps in the track surface, etc.

    If you need help with the cams, send me a message.
  3. russlar
    Version: 0.4
    really amazing track layout. lots of fast, sweeping corners, and some tighter hairpins. nice change from the modern track meta of "really long straight, heavy braking for pointless chicane, another straight, hairpin, chicane, repeat"

    regarding race track builder, how is it to work with? have you considered streaming/recording any of the build process? I'd love to see more practical tutorial stuff with this tool
  4. xezez
    Version: 0.4
    This is developing really nicely. It's a great addition to the AC tracks and lots of fun to drive.
  5. Ploddy
    Version: 0.4
    Looking excellent.

    I actually like unsighted corners, they reward track knowledge. But mostly, I like this track because it is fast flowing with a huge variety to the corners.

    Very challenging. Keep up the good work!
  6. Patto
    Version: 0.3
    Fantastic Track, after a couple of sight laps haha. Whereabouts in Central Vic is it in? I live in Bendigo, so this is really cool to drive a local track in AC, whether it is fictional or not.
  7. Lily Starfox
    Lily Starfox
    Version: 0.3
    For some reason, this might be the most difficult track I've ever driven on. Seriously.
    I tried with the Lotus 49 and ended up on the grass all the time...
    Loooots of tricky blind corners...
    This is one of the "RAGE tracks". (>_<')
    It needs lots of work in the graphics department but it has big potential.
    1. millen
      Author's Response
      Haha. Thanks for the feedback, I think. :D
      It is a fairly tricky circuit, one you have to work pretty hard at, but once you do a few laps you'll be fine. You should have seen the first version I sent to my friends... waaay more blind corners.
  8. ALB123
    Version: 0.3
    Wow! This is exactly the type of tracks I love for driving my street cars and you're off to an amazing start. I love the cambered sections of road. You've done a great job making sure that the track isn't completely flat, like Silverstone, but if it were up to me I would make more elevation variations. You might want to add some sandpits in the runoff areas of the sharper turns where cars are carrying more speed. Otherwise, the cars just slide on the grass forever! You're off to a great start! This track has so much potential, but I think the general layout/shape is fantastic. Please keep developing this track. Experiment with different texture maps so the road looks like it's had certain sections repaved or repaired. Maybe even add in just a couple of small bumps (imperfections) at a couple of spots around the track. The best tracks look a bit dirty and worn. You've got the talent to make this a perfect track!
    1. millen
      Author's Response
      Thanks very much for the feedback. I am still at the stage of getting the layout just right and fine tweaking corners, cambers, and elevations. So no real work as gone into the looks department just yet. That will come later. ;)