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Infodash skin for PDash 1

Skin for PDash app

  1. Mark_McQ
    Skin for PDash.
    Left screen displays Gears, speed (MPH), and lap number.
    Right screen shows current lap time, delta, and best & last lap times.
    The central rev gauge reads in percentage, from 10 to 100%.
    The Assetto Corsa logo at the bottom glows to indicate if the current lap is valid.

    To change the displayed speed to KPH, open the config.ini inside the skins folder and scroll right down to the [SPEEDOMETER] section. Change the line that says 'uom' from MPH to KPH.

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Recent Reviews

  1. roviet
    Version: 1
    great job. one version with gear, speed, rpm, fuel, rpm percentage and tyre is possible?

  2. The_Suf
    Version: 1
    only changed the number of digits in milliseconds in lastlap, bestlap and laptime to 3 in the config ini. (set to 2 wich is wrong)
    Very nice skin, good info and not to big!!
  3. TheDarkenn
    Version: 1
    That's nice, but can I have km/h version???? Please :)
    1. Mark_McQ
      Author's Response
      You already do. Read the description text again.