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Increased Failure Mod 2017-03-22

Failure Mod for F1 2016

  1. thrashersfreak

    Everybody know's it..and I think a lot of people are annoyed of it.. there are just to little amounts of Engine and DRS failures in the game. If you also think so, this mod is something for you.

    What does the Mod?

    The Mod increases the chances of getting Engine and DRS failures. Not just for the players car, also for the AI. So there will be more cars, which will retire or have problems during a race.

    It's Version 1.0, so please test it and leave a comment if there is something to improve.

    Installation: Just copy to your F1 2016 main folder and overwrite the files.
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Recent Reviews

  1. SinAporia
    Version: 2017-03-22
    The changes of the players car to get a mechanical failure could be a bit higher. And lets say poor Raik├Ânnen XD, because in my game he got engine failures in 3 Races in a row XD
    1. thrashersfreak
      Author's Response
      Raik├Ânnen pushed too hard I guess ;) and thanks for your feedback, maybe I still have to do some balancing
  2. FlyingAarava04
    Version: 2017-03-22
    nice mod bro
    1. thrashersfreak
      Author's Response
      thank you !