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Hungaroring 1989 (Vintage Circuit) 1.1

....a partial reconstruction of the circuit in the 1989 season

  1. chianamik
    HUNGARORING 1989 Vintage Circuit - copy all RAR file in the tracks/circuits directory of the game

    . the limitations of the game does not allow you to enter all sponsor.the missing sponsors were inserted on the ground.....CAMPARI,GOOD YEAR,SHELL....

    f1_2012 2013-06-09 17-45-06-05.jpg f1_2012 2013-06-09 17-45-51-90.jpg f1_2012 2013-06-09 17-46-28-48.jpg f1_2012 2013-06-09 17-46-34-88.jpg f1_2012 2013-06-09 17-48-10-15.jpg f1_2012 2013-06-09 17-48-26-86.jpg f1_2012 2013-06-09 17-48-33-79.jpg f1_2012 2013-06-09 17-50-29-91.jpg f1_2012 2013-06-09 17-50-47-67.jpg