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Hoonigan Livery Pack V1

Hoonigan skins

  1. Coconut Merengue Pie
    Mazda FC RX-7 Single Turbo Pro2 (FPS_ 4) 8_22_2017 12_53_48 AM.png [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The car been use for the skins are:

    - "Twerk Stallion" Mazda FC RX-7 Single Turbo Pro2 (from the dSpec Car pack)

    - "Chair Slayer"Nissan 180SX RPS13 D-Max type-III (from the Street Heroes car pack)

    - "**** Car" BMW M3 E36 Street (from the TitanMod car pack)

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Recent Reviews

  1. Spybot68
    Version: V1
    Coconut Made this skins so well you should defenetly check them out and support him :D
  2. clemfox69
    Version: V1
    Good Skin :D