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Honda Skin 1.0

Fictional Skin for a Honda F1 Return

  1. Steve1991
    With McLaren Honda coming back today I thought I would design a basic idea of what there own F1 Team would look like. Gone for a black and white minimalist theme, no sponsors other than the Honda logos. (This is from a fan of Hesketh in the mid 1970's) It replaces Toro Rosso in the backend.

    Di Silva Honda 2.jpg

    Currently they are cars 23 and 24 but can include the psd file at a later date if people want to add there own names etc.

    Any criticism is warmly received :)


    1. DiSilva - Honda.jpg
    2. Di Silva in the tunnel.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. super76
    Version: 1.0
    how to install??