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Honda S800 RSC Vintage Skins Pack v1.0

fictional & realistic skins for the Honda S800 RSC

  1. MadMat
    Honda S800 RSC Vintage Skins pack v1.0:

    Some fictional skins for the Honda S800 RSC, made using sponsors and style from the 60's - 70's.
    They all have custom pit, crew and driver suit/gloves/helmet and infos.

    #13 Bomba Squadra Corse
    #16 Castrol Racing
    #24 Tamiya
    #64 Yoshimura
    #66 Shell Motorsport
    #70 Purple

    It will add some colors to races with this small and fun car !

Recent Reviews

  1. Riblo
    Version: v0.5
    Great! 5 stars|
  2. Bert Austen
    Bert Austen
    Version: v0.5
    nice work , thanks