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Hero Shinoi Circuit 1.0

Hero Shinoi

  1. Tiago Lima
    Video Preview:

    Hero Shinoi Circuit For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima

    -20 pit box
    -3d grass
    -phisical mesh
    -Ai line
    • Credits go to umimi2000 for is amazing rfactor work
    • Thank you umimi2000 For giving the ok !! :)

    Thanks For All coments



    1. Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_hero_shinoi_circuit_27-4-116-11-37-17.jpg
    2. Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_hero_shinoi_circuit_27-4-116-11-37-10.jpg
    3. Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_hero_shinoi_circuit_27-4-116-11-37-2.jpg
    4. Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_hero_shinoi_circuit_27-4-116-11-36-47.jpg
    5. Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_hero_shinoi_circuit_27-4-116-11-36-14.jpg
    6. Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_hero_shinoi_circuit_27-4-116-11-36-9.jpg
    7. Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_hero_shinoi_circuit_27-4-116-11-35-56.jpg
    8. Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_hero_shinoi_circuit_27-4-116-11-35-31.jpg
    9. Screenshot_ks_toyota_gt86_hero_shinoi_circuit_27-4-116-11-35-16.jpg
    10. Screenshot_bmw_1m_s3_hero_shinoi_circuit_22-4-116-0-24-12.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Shenmue_X
    Version: 1.0
    A lovely winding little track. Perfect for small and mid-engine cars.
  2. icmdead
    Version: 1.0
    Great little technical track, love it thanks!
  3. tom971
    Version: 1.0
    Nice track , what about Central Circuit in Japan , there is one for rfactor . Would love to see it in ac ;)
    1. Tiago Lima
      Author's Response
      there is ? wheree :O ?
  4. DzelRacing
    Version: 1.0
    Very good job as always. Thanks for that !

    Fenes94, I would love to see also Suzuka, Laguna Seca (the 3.1 doesn't have update anymore, not perfect), Monaco, Interlagos (with physical mesh, good looking, AI ok...).
  5. fenes94
    Version: 1.0
    Beatiful! can you create Istanbul Park?