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Herlings (Valentino Rossi 2002 Beta) 2014-12-27

Rossi 2002 Beta

  1. dominikg97
    Hi. It's my first skin. It's only a BETA so pls comment what I should do. This is modification thats change Herlings Ktm skin to Valentino Rossi 2002 Repsol Honda skin.
    I'm noob in painting. Sorry :)
    You must install it with Mxfile Remixer!
    Here are some photos:
    MXGP 2014-12-27 01-04-41-48.png MXGP 2014-12-27 01-05-40-67.png MXGP 2014-12-27 01-04-36-267.jpg
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