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Great Rivals: Hunt and Lauda 2014-12-27

Career helmets of Niki Lauda and James Hunt

  1. joehowley2
    Follow the instructions given inside the file and you will be able to use either Niki Lauda or James Hunt's helmets for your Career. Just remember to rate and BACK UP YOUR FILES!
    Thanks for the downloads! Replaces helmets 4 and 5 Lauda 1.jpg Lauda 1.jpg Lauda 2.jpg Lauda 2.jpg Hunt 1.jpg Hunt 1.jpg Hunt 2.jpg Hunt 2.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ngues
    Version: 2014-12-27
    Cool, it's good. Thank...
    1. joehowley2
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate, if you seen any room for improvement just let me know