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Great Britain Sponsored Helmet 2014-10-27

My attempt at a Helmet Mod, Replaces Generic Helmet 40

  1. Infernikus
    This is my first attempt at modding helmets, I decided to try a different looking Great Britain Helmet with a few sponsors on it. Any Feedback is more than Welcome.
    This replaces Helmet 40 and the zip file includes the PSSG files for you to replace in game.
    Apologies for the poor images, for some reason my game wont print screen.
    DSC_0048-compressed.jpg DSC_0052-compressed.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. bolz3r
    Version: 2014-10-27
    I thought about 4 or 5 stars rating as there are some other excellent helmets. but the design is cool, colours go well together...5 stars then!
    1. Infernikus
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Once I get the hang of making these they should improve.