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Gran Turismo Stealth Pack model Skin 0.6.7

Gran Turismo Stealth Pack model Skin

  1. blackwood91
    Redone the graphics of GT logo and added effects on the skin and general fixes measurement of skin,

    Thank GTAce and its mod of Stealth Model 787B, for making me become aware of small graphic details.

    Showroom_honda_nsx_sgt_6-1-2015-2-27-11.jpg Showroom_honda_nsx_sgt_27-11-2014-16-29-38.jpg Showroom_honda_nsx_sgt_6-1-2015-2-27-27.jpg Showroom_nissan_gtr_sgt_27-11-2014-18-7-42.jpg Showroom_nissan_gtr_sgt_27-11-2014-18-7-36.jpg Showroom_nissan_gtr_sgt_27-11-2014-18-7-55.jpg Showroom_mazda_787b_27-11-2014-18-46-40.jpg Showroom_mazda_787b_27-11-2014-16-54-14.jpg Showroom_mazda_787b_27-11-2014-16-54-26.jpg


    1. Showroom_honda_nsx_sgt_27-11-2014-16-29-48.jpg
    2. Showroom_nissan_gtr_sgt_27-11-2014-18-7-48.jpg
    3. Showroom_mazda_787b_27-11-2014-16-54-45.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Rouen
    Version: 0.6.5
    Very nice skins.
    When you have a minute, think about posting the adress of the cars... Thanks !
  2. Peno
    Version: 0.6
    Awwww fantastic skins as some but how do I get the cars???????